Winter – her thoughts

She incubates
it’s winter
and the world
is dim

she conceals
with wool and sheets
of many threads

sheltered.. comforted

she snuggles tightly
escaping winter chills
spiralling outside

beyond her window frame

she wishes she could
quell the snow flakes
that enshrine the green
and brown

blanketed like herself

she listens
the wind roars
between forks of trees

solitude a tranquil time

when winter hits her world

11 thoughts on “Winter – her thoughts

  1. I feel like snuggling up in a blanky and watching a love story!
    Your really good, because I’m sooo not into love stories. LOl but I fell in love with your poem.
    Hope work was all good? hugs Mumsy!! …….Paula xxxx

    • LOL thank you I’m impressed and seemed to have accomplished my goal it seems. I wrote it in the car at lunch time. Yeah day 3 over… let’s say I’m still trying to get in with the crowd πŸ™‚ Jen xxxx

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