My Ultimate

Let me stand
upon a wooden railing
hold the pommel in my hand
swing my right leg over
plant my feet on iron bar

let me sit on leather seat
smell rich and earthy
adjust the length
of stirrup bar

let me feel you
beneath me

let us begin a
walk at first a
‘get to know’
if you will

confidence in both
we have to show

then a trot I rise
in step

till we gather
a canter now

I hold the reins
my body moves
in rhythm to yours

shall we gallop
yes we shall
up this hill
that awaits

I crouch down low
body effortless
long strides
the wind in my hair

I sense your need
to run
your want to

there is no
better feeling
than riding it’s
just you
taking me

18 thoughts on “My Ultimate

  1. Really like this one Mumsy, my mind was not in the gutter at all πŸ˜‰ I just thought of a sense of freedom, wind in my face and somehow of Ireland… green, green hills and lush countryside. Is that strange?

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