Ode to Tarsha

This is a photo of our girl Tarsha. She would have been about 5 or 6 when this was taken.

EPSON scanner image

She was 16 years of age when her legs started to give way, when she lost control of her bodily functions.

When I had to make the most heart-breaking decision of my life – to end hers.

She was what you call a bitzer – a non descript, not a pure bred, but a cocker spaniel/blue heeler.

She crossed over the rainbow bridge 7 years ago this July.

She, like all fur-babies had their own personality – pedigree or not. Some may look at her and say ‘what an ugly dog…look at those ears’, she was not to know what she would look like, she just hoped that someone would take her into their home and love her. That is what we did – she didn’t have to be stunning, or a dog you could ‘pop’ into your handbag to have people say ‘Ohhh how cute”. She gave us unconditional love and laughter and joy.  If her water bowl was empty I would find her in the shower.. giving me the hint that she was thirsty. This is where Tarsha or ‘Tarshy-girl’ rests now and every time I see a rainbow I talk to her. This is also why I can’t own another dog for I cannot go through that pain again. This is why I mind dogs to enjoy them, to get to know their personalities, to give them lots of cuddles. They told me when your pet passes over their soul is with you for a while and you will know that they have returned to let you know they are …ok. When Tarsha was cremated and brought back home, without a lie, I felt something brush past my legs 3 times in two weeks… I know it was her.

EPSON scanner image

So to you my little girl I say this.

You are gone
not forgotten
the love you
gave us
to remain

you have crossed
the rainbow bridge
now, to run, be young
and play

you have left
our lives
will never be the same

thank you for the
treasured times
thank you for
your love
we miss you
after all this

we miss our little

30 thoughts on “Ode to Tarsha

  1. This is so beautiful…made me well up for sure. I love my stinky, dauschaund- he’s 14 and still kicking. He can’t see too well, really can’t hear and has a fat growth on his chest we lovingly refer to as the fat blob. My husband and I think Rudy is our constant reminder of the life we may still face in the years to come. Thanks for these lovely words about how much our pets mean to us and contribute to our lives.

  2. Tears in my eyes as I type this. I have several who have crossed over, as well. My dear Rudy, who is about to turn 13 and still thinks he’s a puppy – he’s also a mutt, a mixed breed – continues to be a complete joy. I’m not looking forward to the day when he has to leave.

  3. …..I feel you, we had to put Josef (our first dog) down for similar reasons…The pain is unbearable….and I lost Charlie (my second dog-a dachshund) when he was run over by a car at the age of 6…Horrible, horrible times…Then again..you gain so much love when you have them around…(I will let you in on my secret…I think we have a winner…I have found OUR dog and have semi-convinced N. to adopt him!!!!) xxx

    • Yes I guess the few weeks of real pain is forgotten by the years of love and smiles they bring to us. Love the names of these fur-babies, Rudy, Josef and Charlie 🙂
      OMG T that is brilliant news!!!! you must keep me updated !! Please 🙂 Fingers crossed. xxxx

    • Now now there will be no crying, I did enough of that 7 years ago and now and then a tear is shed when I speak to her on her rainbow bridge we must think happy thoughts of our beloved lost pets … but thank you honey xx

  4. awww, wipe tears.

    but mumsy, you have so much love to give another puppy. it isn’t fair to either of you to not do so, I know how hard that last “Godly” decision is to make, and how painful. It is one of love too though, and they give you so much.

    pssst, a puppies love is waiting for you, it’s tail wagging in anticipation. Excited and looking eagerly to see if you are yet coming…… go….

    • I perhaps will when I retire and can devote my time fully to another fur-baby. At the moment with working I cannot, but I think I would like to have another little one around my feet – I think dogs are the most precious animals on this planet and would dearly love to share my life with one again… hopefully it will happen 🙂 Thank you sweetheart. xx

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