Point Nepean – Melbourne

This is Point Nepean – where Mr. S and I went to 2 weeks ago here are other photos – ( not mine Images for Point Nepean.          This was one of my ‘ratty’ days however, you know the type you wake up you know the day won’t go well.  Firstly Mr. S suggested we go for a drive down there (yep all for it) then the time lapse between asking and actually getting out the door (resulted in a slightly grumpy Mr. S). Mr. S informed me that we would be doing some walking, some on beach some on tracks inland. Right flat shoes (relatively new) I donned, then out the door (finally). Then OMG I didn’t bring my notebook for writing (yes it goes everywhere) so quick? stop at the shops to get one. This is one of my photos (if it stays on the post that is)


Off we went (I may add it was quite a warm day..actually bordering on hot). After an almost 1.5hour drive, we arrived. For some reason (known only to myself) I hated my new phone that day.. don’t ask but it was a piece of shite and I got angry with this inanimate object. I yelled at it, I accidentally dropped it and scratched it (which didn’t help my demeanour). The walk inland was buzzing with flies and tan-bark and sand. My new shoes!!!  We managed to walk to the end a few kms and look at the old Naval gun sites (did I mention it was originally a Naval Base?) Hmm possibly not, so through sand, bark, flies and blisters and taking ‘happy’ snaps along the way…this was our day. Mr. S in defence said “Well I looked at your shoes and they were flat so I assumed ok for walking”.   No honey they are new…they aren’t broken in or able to track through bushland. Thankfully there was a shuttle bus at the end as my blisters would not let me walk all the way back to the car.

We shall return when I am properly attired!

17 thoughts on “Point Nepean – Melbourne

  1. Sorry your walk was not as enjoyable as it should have been…but as you said, next time …better prepared, both in clothe and mind yes?

    And … you got a new fancy phone? Ohhh … lots of photos then! By the way … the cove that you can see in the photo … is there a little beached area where you can lunch and swim from?

    • Thanks hunz yes better prepared…or just don’t ask Mr. S! 😉
      No unfortunately not unless you were equipped with ab-sailing equipment. None of the coast line in this spot is accessible 😦 for swimming – well one did our ex Prime Minister from nay years ago..and he never returned..

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t able to really enjoy your outing, but it does look beautiful. Next time you’ll know what to expect though and you’ll be either accustomed to the annoying phone or have gotten another, better suited phone. 🙂

  3. So beautiful makes me homesick. Love the photo. Aww I’m sorry your shoes were such a pain … I loathe when that happens, oh no and your new phone too. My hubby just got one, it becomes a compulsive habit after a while 🙂 here’s to more walks, perfect shoes and beautiful photos.

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