Decastich – Oceans Edge

Decastich is any whole poem or free verse of 10 lines.

My eyes weep not from sadness but from
the gentle warm breeze that floats this
night, shuffling bare feet in golden grains,
marking the sand with a slide of foot,
tasting the sea air as it rests on my lips,
watching the half-moon hide behind clouds,
reaching out to touch stars that light up
the darkness, gently embracing the glow of
midnight light that bathes the darkened seas,
inwardly smile at the beauty that surrounds me.

15 thoughts on “Decastich – Oceans Edge

  1. How beautiful is this one. I am learning more and more about types of rhyming and verse. Really great mumsy, You took me to the beach, a faraway land and I sat there on my blanket watching the constellations, so close, it felt like the universe was mine.

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