Arabian Sonnet – Here they lie

Arabian Sonnet

Basically it follows the Italian form, but because of the proximity of the two countries it’s not surprising there would be some influence. It has a rhyme scheme of;
a. a. a. a. . . b. b. b. b. . . c. c. c. . . d. d. d.

Strike of lightening on stormy night
tombstones stand, no living in sight
darkness, eeriness, that imparts fright
pray for the morning, wish for daylight
kneel down read the words carved on stone
remember the lives of those now alone
under the earth not skin only bone
listen as they cast a shivering moan
they want to be heard, be alive and not dead
not veiled under earth, watch where you tread
buried, alone, saddened tears we have shed
don’t cry for me, help me I want to be there
don’t leave I implore you, I want again to breathe air
don’t walk away, stay with me, I need more than your prayer

6 thoughts on “Arabian Sonnet – Here they lie

  1. Mumsy, I love this particular style :-)My favorite lines : pray for the morning, wish for daylight, kneel down read the words carved on stone.
    You are getting so fantastic at this, you should think about publishing a book of poems. I love how the Arab influence covers extends over the Mediterranean…from food to music and poetry. The style is so elegant. I’m no poet but I appreciate poetry.

    • It is really amazing the different forms/styles that are used.. I am so intrigued and want to try each one, this is but the tip of the ice-berg. Thank you for your kind words. As I said I am just a beginner in this genre, true poetry takes so much talent …but I am trying and learning each day (I hope) Love u lady xx

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