Aubade – Lovers Parting

How many of you have seen the movie “City of Angels” and remember the scenes where the angels gather in the morning. Perhaps this meeting can be considered an Aubade. An Aubade is a poem or song that greets the morning, or where wild life celebrates, or lovers wake, and sometimes waking to reluctantly part.

I am trying the last version.



Gather me up in the morning
embrace me till you unfold
yourself from our bed
sheets marked of last

encrusted, we are
covered with love
not to be pulled apart
heart is stabbed
I feel the knife
this is our last time
can’t you linger

tired eyes, tired heart
I want the sun to rise
tell me you are not leaving
kiss and embrace
I’ll hold back my tears
tell me that you will stay
just another day

another hour


18 thoughts on “Aubade – Lovers Parting

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous rhythm in this!! Especially:
    I feel the knife
    this is our last time
    can’t you linger

    That question at the end of the phrase was like a physical experience for me!!

  2. Gabriela I just finished reading – thank you for allowing me to do so. I did like it – you were right their lives – the sadness – the distance that started to grow between them – the coming together. I think my favourite lines were “I used to dream about your hair,” he says and I open my eyes and look at him in the mirror. “Before you even knew who I was, I was dreaming about your hair.”
    I simply melted as I did with Fraulien and Valentine – understand why you received 1st prize. Well done and Thank you. πŸ™‚ xx

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