If you want to read other Poets work please… visit these

I recently have tried my hand at different forms of poetry/verse. I am a beginner.

Poetry to me meant the end of line had to rhyme, and the people I have met on WP have taught me that is not the case. Some of my wonderful followers have said I should write a book … and as much as I ADORE them for saying so, I am truly an amateur still. I don’t have the large vocabulary, I don’t have a theme, I usually play music and write whatever comes into my head. I don’t plan, I hardly ever edit. I write what I feel, not strength in words, not really knowing the intricacies nor structure of any kind.

If any of my followers wish to see real Poets I wish to recommend the following, these people are brilliant, diverse and have a voice unlike mine and they are so very talented.


Stephen Kellogg’s Blog



Susan Daniels Poetry





Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate….Ivonne’s Journey

eulonia country



Blue Girl Poems

Bruce Ruston


knocked over by a feather

If I have missed any one out – I  sincerely apologise

Bruce Ruston

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