Tanka – Japanese – Comfort in the Grass

I am continuing my learning experience with a Tanka (similar to a Haiku).

In English, the tanka is usually written as five short lines. Tanka poems are written about nature, seasons, love, sadness and other strong emotions. This form of poetry dates back almost 1200 years ago.

  • Traditionally in Japanese, the tanka is five groups of sounds, each of 5 or 7 sound units. The first and third units have 5 sound units (as in a haiku), while the other units have 7 sound units. 31 syllables in total.  This can be represented by: 5-7-5-7-7.


Grass beneath bare feet
soft spongy comforting floor
endorphins released
breathless running our lips met
kissed the grass smiled at the sun

6 thoughts on “Tanka – Japanese – Comfort in the Grass

  1. Oh … I have not heard of Tanka … thinks i will try one *smiles*

    *wonders if it would break the rule if I wrote a Japanese style poem with an Irish twist?*

    Misty shores of green
    Sheer white cliffs that reach the sea
    An island refuge
    A land now so far away
    Aye, tis the home that I miss

    • With that you can break all the rules you want lovely!!! I am so glad you gave it a try. I want to see more poetry from you Missy 😉 I was there when I read the words..back in Ireland . So take me there or anywhere again..I dare you 🙂 xxx

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