Our Sunday Drive

There was a photo of the main street (20 mins from home) that was taken in the 1800’s. The spot is called Belgrave. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belgrave,_Victoria. The photo  (that no longer is on my post) and apologies for the clarity, was on a wall in a little cafe we go to for breakfast or brunch some weekends. It was a little difficult to actually stand on the bench seat to get a better shot without me being dragged away, hence the size and lack of close up.

This is how the street is now, (well it was)  ahh yes the empty can on the road says it all really…

The above left (can’t see it?) very hard to get shot is what Belgrave is renowned for – its steam train The Puffing Billy,  which shuttles, and puffs its way up the mountain full of people to Emerald Lake. Where everyone enjoys paddle boats and BBQ’s.

To your right (yep over there) is the inside of this little Cafe where the food servings are of enormous proportions.

This is the over-sized bacon & onion omelets Mr. S and I consumed (and yes there will be no dinner tonight!) Hmm believe me it was BIG.

It was a drive with incidence however, we were meandering up the winding hills seeking a destination (before we settled on Cafe above aptly named The Puffing Billy) when a dog ( a blue heeler cross ) started crossing the road. Without a word. Mr. S pulled over to the side and I jumped out. “Here boy/girl/whatever your name is”. “Now where’s your mum and dad”?

Luckily a neighbour came out from 3 doors up and said he is well looked after, but keeps escaping. The two of us then took 5 minutes trying to open the gate where “Denim” lived (thankfully he had a name tag with two mobile numbers), finally in the heat and flies buzzing round my head I let him in – no one was home. I checked around the side of the house, there was a bucket with water so I emptied and refilled. Locked the gate and we phoned the owners – no reply went to message bank.

Two minutes later about to get back in the car Denim was at my side again. “Grrr”, another neighbour was then called upon and asked if she had a rope, the only solution was to tie Houdini Denim in the yard. So that is what I did, made sure his water was there and went on our way an hour later. I got in the car smiling saying “Aren’t you glad I’m a dog lover”? Mr. S just nodded….

The owners finally phoned when we driving back to Belgrave saying thank you so much and asked us if we saw where he escapes from and that they have barricaded every spot they knew. Um no we didn’t, perhaps a little more investigation is required however….

Denim lives to enjoy another day and we were ablet to eat our somewhat late lunch.

Oh and this last pic (well it was) spotted in an art shop along the main street?  – This is for knocked over by a feather – Merby who is a Beatles nut 🙂

APOLOGIES to those who read and cannot get the gist for the lack of pics. I think I have solved the vanishing issues but sadly I have deleted them from my phone so I cannot re-enter 😦

11 thoughts on “Our Sunday Drive

  1. I liked the 1st photo .. I even like the frame (you can see the nail holes or something in it…and you can make it bigger if you click on it…so that worked well.)

    And….SUPER KUDO’s to you for helping Denim out. And not forgetting the water … but yes…they need to figure out how he is getting out Good for you again Mumsy!

    • Ah yes the clicking bigger thingy – didn’t think of that – ta.
      Thanks for the Kudos ..yes I am destined to be the Dog Whisperer in one form or another it seems 🙂 I love Cesar Milan – he has obviously been an influence on me! Hopefully they will have a solution soon or poor Denim won’t be quite so lucky next time!

    • Plenty more to come too Mel lol – yes I think on average I save, rescue, 2-3 dogs a year. Aaah well tis me and I love ’em …boring? sometimes it is, but Mr. S and I believe in getting out and about if only for a weekend jaunt as much as possible (better than doing housework or gardening!) 🙂 xxx

  2. Thanks Rambly! To think you thought of me when you saw the boys, and took the picture! So awesome! Never saw that picture of them either. 🙂

    • You are welcome. See we aren’t just virtual friends…well we all are…but every one that I speak to is in my head (not all at once because then I would have a multiple personality thing going on) but I saw it and said to Mr. S wait I have to take this for Merby…yes he gave me a weird look. Glad you liked. 🙂 xx

      • I say its bullshit that virtual friends aren’t really friends. I am sure Mr.S was like..um..Merby? Who the hell is that? 🙂 xx

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