What we say to our partners…

Compliments, us women love them. I wonder if our men folk love them equally?

What does the lady in your life want to hear? I am trying to list ‘genuine’ compliments/words not the ‘I want to get you in the sack corn’. A light-hearted and serious look at things we sometimes say to one another.

Genuine from our men-folk

You look stunning.
Hairdresser did an amazing job hun.
How pretty are you looking right now.
I so wish you would believe me when I tell you that you have a great figure.
You are the greatest mum.
Being with you would have to be one of the smartest things I have done in my life.
That dinner/lunch/breakfast was amazing.
Woah, that dress is gorgeous on you.
I love you.

For the smarmy get in the sack type compliments/words…

I swear you want me make to want to put this TV control down.
I think you boobs are fantastic.
You sure I’m not living with a Victoria’s Secret Model?
Your ass is so hot I could melt butter on it.
You cook better than my mum.
You are my porn.

For the men genuine perhaps…

My god you scrub up well in that suit.
Ok you have lost weight where’s that stomach gone?
You are the greatest dad.
I couldn’t be happier than when I am with you.
Jeans, T – Shirt… oh my ..ok I think you may get lucky πŸ˜‰
That hair style really suits you.
So glad I have a handy-man around the house.
Thank you for helping me out with the housework.
Thank you for cooking dinner.
I love you.

The smarmy version…

That orgasm made me scream in German – I don’t even know German!
Is there any jar/can you can’t open?
When you snore you remind me of the cutest, fluffiest Panda Bear.
I so don’t mind you not helping me with the housework sweety..relax watch the game.
You’ve done how many push-ups…it shows.
Don’t worry I’ll mow the lawn, play your X Box.
Honestly babe, the toilet seat can be left up, doesn’t worry me at all.
Johnny who?

I think both genders require and enjoy hearing ‘genuine’ compliments every now and then.

Mr. S and I both still compliment one another when we are all ‘dressed up’. We thank each other for helping one another. We say please and thank you and I love you. To often it’s the little words that have so much meaning, which sadly we simply can forget in our busy schedules. Taken for granted, which can sometimes lead to animosity, Β a little kind word here and there can only but help to improve relationships. Agreed? What do you say?

There doesn’t have to be a ‘reason’, to show someone who you like/love. Simple things like taking pride in their appearance especially when you go out (ie doing your hair, having a shave – goes for both sexes) πŸ˜‰ helping out with chores without having to be asked (both sexes).
We all have the need to feel special, to feel loved, to feel that we are worthy. We appreciate the little words that help us feel that way. There certainly doesn’t have to be a reason to say I love you.

I wrote a similar post some time back if you missed it, go take a peak πŸ™‚
https://ramblingsfromamum.wordpress.com/2012/09/20/keeping-the-romance/ β€Ž

14 thoughts on “What we say to our partners…

  1. I totally agree with you (no surprise there)! I like giving genuine compliments. I even do it with total strangers, they do sometimes give me the ‘she is kinda creepy’ look but I get over it pretty quickly.xxx

    • Yes it’s special isn’t it being able to impart a few kind words. I was complimented from an elderly couple one day in the Supermarket about how lovely I looked and how they admired my boots (total strangers) and I almost skipped down the aisle with a huge grin on my face for them making my day just that little bet better πŸ™‚ Thanks T xx

  2. My favorites (for the woman) are:
    * You look stunning. (yours)
    * You are the greatest mum. (yours)
    * I love you. (yours)
    * I’d marry you every day (added)
    * You make me happy (added)

    And for the men:
    * I couldn’t be happier than when I am with you.
    * You’ve done how many push-ups…it shows.
    * I love you.
    * YOU are my prince charming (added)
    * Your parents raised a fine son. (added)

  3. Too funny. I love the: you cook better than my mum and is there any jar you can’t open? – haaa! haaa!. I just used you’re a rock star – so cheesy but cute- on my husband because he moved a very heavy trough in the garden to a sunny location so I can now begin to prepare the soil for Spring. I’ve tried to move it many times, because somewhere in my hubris, I believed I was as strong as a man – so sad, when I had to step down from that pedestal πŸ™‚ All that aside, it is so nice when you hear kind words, compliments and other lovely things people say to you, I always think a kind word or two is often the way to deal with even the most surly temperaments, just in general. Such a cute post Mumsy…

    • Kisses to you MM and thank you. Love the you’re a rock star – may try that on Mr. S and see what response I get back! lol. I think men though do enjoy when we ask of them to do something ‘heavy’ like lifting..gives them a little boost that their little women need a mans touch πŸ™‚ xx

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