Strange mood

Bit a ‘blagh’ mood..strange mood.

Not writing for comments or pity or even the like button to be hit.
Just writing… not a great day in the new job, which is what set off this mood I guess.
It was very warm again today, but now I sit in the study, with the window half open and a slightly cool breeze, wafts through the gap causing the blinds to blow out and in.

I realise music affects me as does the weather – I can only think it’s a Cancerian trait.

I feel … I don’t know how I feel right at this point and I wonder why in fact I am even writing. I’m not the ‘bubbly’ Rambly I was a couple of days ago and that’s ok, because I can’t be ‘bubbly’ all the time, none of us can. I have posted when I have been ‘down’ before’ so this is no exception to my site. I sit back and wonder why this mood, should I snap out of it, should I just crawl into my bed and try to sleep if off. Will I be better tomorrow?

I should be, the earth is so quiet apart from the noise the blinds make in the wind and an ambulance siren in the distance on the highway.

My journey that you travel along beside me is full of ‘ups’ and yes sometimes ‘downs’, which all of us experience sometimes in our lives.

So I’m simply putting this to a ‘down’ phase or perhaps a little pensive, maybe I’m just a little run down, tired and I am not looking for ‘awww mumsy’ for I’m not writing to seek that response. I am, as I said simply writing how I feel right now at 9.59pm Wednesday night.

I think I shall go to bed and see if a good nights sleep will solve this little ‘downer’ that my mind and body are experiencing right now.

Good night followers.

35 thoughts on “Strange mood

  1. look at what you can do while in a shitty mood… you painted perfect pictures of your surroundings. embrace it – we don’t need to be bubbly… be yourself – and work with that. πŸ™‚
    great write, Jenn.

  2. Screw that! Here’s my comment and I hit the damn like button anyway! So there!
    Like Miriam said–you’re painting pictures with words beautifully, mood well-conveyed. I feel that silence deeply…

  3. Aw – sending you hugs from snowy England. It’s always a little unsettling to go into a down – we ask why, we wonder if we’ll ever come up. Just trust. You’re too wonderful a person for the world not to give back a little. πŸ˜‰

    • Hugs from snowy England is just what the doctor ordered. Thank you Gabriela, my mood has lifted for now and hopefully will remain as I face another day at work… What beautiful words to end on. xx

  4. Can’t always be bubbly and happy, sometimes melancholy takes over, maybe not even melancholy, -I wanted to be poetic with that word- but just a dip in a mood, a comment someone made or simply a blah day at work with some difficult to get to know people. I’ve been feeling like that too the last two days. I hope a good night’s rest made you feel right as rain and got you up and at em, my lovely Mumsy. That’s all you can do, be yourself and write something fantastic or compose…you know I love what you write.

  5. Sending you big *hugs* this morning and I hope you had a lovely night sleep! I’ve been looking for your ‘follow me via email’ button and can’t find it, so I just went into my reader and found one there for you. Now I’ll get an email every time you post instead of missing them πŸ˜‰ That makes me want to do a happy dance!!!!

    • Thank you so much Di, I have the mini tornado near Mackay did not effect you? I am pleased you are able to follow each post – be prepared though as you can see my moods change like wind. It’s too early in the morn for me to happy dance with you, but I sit back and watch πŸ™‚ xxx

  6. peeks to see if that mood has lightened
    to see if today has perhaps brightened
    moods like that should not make us frightened
    knowing that makes us feel enlightened

    sends soft warm hugs as a stipend
    with hopes a good feeling has ripened

    and now I am out the door, for I have no more.
    I don’t want to be a bore, or make you sore

    I just wanted to spread some cheer
    and whisper nice things in your ear.


  7. I’m sorry you had the blahs….I’ve been in a funk myself lately; I think I’ve been working too much. I haven’t felt too creative either…hence the lack of writing. I hope you feel more like yourself soon:)

  8. *clicks the ‘Lke” button in the effort of support*

    Are you out of the melencholy Mumsy? If so … then yahhhhhhh

    If not … gives you a hug…knowing it is not good enough … but sincere nevertheless. Work is work … but hope your day goes better tomorrow (which is really today for you … me being about 11 hours behind you.)

    *makes googly eyes at you … just because*


    • Thank you for the googly eyes precious.. I was very quiet today – hardly spoke two words..just didn’t want to. πŸ™‚ at clicking the like button too. I am so glad to have support from you and my ‘followers’ – I’m still a little pensive, but better than I was. xxxx

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