Listen…please listen till the end….. guaranteed to burst any down moment you are having!

Gaelic – unless you can speak it..don’t try to understand it..just enjoy.


15 thoughts on “Norrie MacIver ‘A RRIBHINN OG BHEIL CUIMHN AGAD’

  1. Ohh … one of the sites I have book marked is Bees Nees … nods…they have lots of grand Gaelic music there.

    This particular person, I have not heard of. And I think he is singing in Scottish Gaelic. I know a little Irish … but cannot make out a lot here as it does have a slightly different sound and its not quite the same as Irish Gaelic. I think the first song is something about him telling a story of something long ago … but I am not certain.

    Nevertheless … its a fine piece of music. Oh … maybe go in and edit the tags…and put in Scottish … and maybe someone from Scotland will know what he is singing about nod nods.

    • I am thank you for caring, so sweet of you. 🙂 We went away as we had a long weekend over here – though the thunderstorms were pretty horrific in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Stay tuned for a few happy snaps about our little holiday 🙂 xx

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