Born to write?

What gives one person the ability to write well and another not?

I have been pondering this the last few days.

What gives writers the capability of putting pen to paper, to express ‘their voice’ more adequately or easier than others?

Are writers simply born with a natural talent, or is it to do with genetics?

Some gift that has allowed us not only to have a vivid imagination, but the skill to transfer that imagination into mere words on a paper.

Do we need a ‘gazillion’ adverbs to show our writing skills?

Do we have to study, to read, to in fact practice the artistry of writing?

I am in two minds on this. I have learnt through others that I follow, about the show don’t tell theory (with my poetry or prose). I am slowly but surely, putting this into practice.

In life I have the gift of the gab and as you are aware can prattle on about virtually anything, does this gab gift help me?

Certain situations, yes, for some of my writing it’s a complete hindrance. However in saying that, it is in the eye of the beholder isn’t it? What one may love, another may hate.

My mum bless her keeps saying “You were always writing, you must have got it from your Aunty Maud, because she always wrote”. Is it in fact something that you are born with?

Are writers confident in what they do (not always). As we write, no one is witness to the dilemmas we face. Do we need to edit, re-write, throw it away and start again. Sometimes the process isn’t an easy one, it can be as frustrating as hell, yet sometimes a piece can be written in the space of 10 minutes which people are in awe over.

Writers, are we also good at public speaking? We can write, we have a voice, do we have a voice in public? Do we shudder, flushed cheeks and sweaty palms when asked to speak in front of those we don’t or do know?

Or is it something that we fear – because we are seen, unlike our writing, (in most cases) no-one knows who we are, therefore we are more comfortable.

Some writers have studied how to write, to share their imagination, to relay their feelings, to use correct grammar, structure, how much of this is natural and how much is gained knowledge?

I do not have fear of public speaking, though yes, I can blush at the beginning, but then that diminishes.

I have not studied how to write or use extended words to get my point across. I am perhaps am a ‘simple’ writer, one who hasn’t the vocabulary that other writers do. This does not and will not stop me from trying or continuing however.

I write because I have an intense love for it, a must do, if you like. Was I born with this love, if not how did it develop? Reading – I do very little compared to others. Study – I have not done that, so I must think that somewhere in my genetic make-up is a little gene or two saying you can do this.  Was I born with a gift? I do not have the answer.

I’m not sure, possibly I have my Aunty Maud to thank, for I know that I could not live without writing every day.

I would be interested in any thoughts you may have.


30 thoughts on “Born to write?

  1. Writing for me is like therapy. It provides me with the opportunity to free myself of what’s ruminating inside whether it is a personal piece from the heart in my blog, or the invention of a character based on someone I know in the book I have been trying to write (for too long).

    • Hello and welcome. It is cathartic… a drug that we need to keep us going. I know only to well about the book and attempting for too long to write, for the mean time I shall be happy with ‘blogging’ for, like you it releases my thoughts, thank you for your comment – appreciated 🙂

  2. My belief is the act of writing itself makes you a writer. Those of us that choose to do it over and over again have a passion for it. Most of us have a love affair with words…both spoken and written. I am highly educated, but not as a writer. As you said so eloquently, the string of words I share via print are free to be interpreted freely by my readers. Some like my voice, some don’t. It’s my voice and my words. I’m a writer.
    P.S. You are too:)

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  4. You were definitely born to write!!! I however do not think I was born to write but it surely is growing on me. It is a true creative experience that I had never really tapped into before. I wish I had been a better student and studied it more when I was in school. As for talking in public I am horrible. I am generally more of the quiet one!

    • Mel you do so well with your blog, you write with honesty about your family and yourself. Yes I think writing is definitely an experience that grows with you, your writing also changes as the years pass. What a lovely thing to say I was born to write 🙂 warm and fuzzy – thank you. x

  5. I think writers are born to write because they have ‘stories in their head’ that need to be shared. Learning to write and reading a lot also helps! As far as public speaking goes – I absolutely stink at it. I’d rather write something down and get someone else to read it! 😀

  6. I am not sure where the passion for writing comes. I would guess that it is not wholly genetic … nor something totally picked up from learning. I guess its the nature vs nurture debate creeping in … and like most issues, it likely falls somewhere in between?

    For as long as I can remember, I have loved writing. But I also know, as I grew older, I loved it even more … so partially born to it…partially stimulated by environment and practice.

    • I think your 1st paragraph has pretty much answered my question… a bit of both and if you are a lover of the written word and enjoy writing (as some hate it – for the life of me I don’t understand why) the passion is sure to grow further. Excellent reply Katie 🙂 xx

  7. I definitely was not one to write. But since blogging… I can’t imagine not writing! It’s so therapeutic. I love your poetry and I’m glad you write, or I would have never met you! Hugs Paula xx

    • So the writing is growing on you and with practice you are enjoying it more, as you say it’s therapeutic and a wonderful release. Thank you honey – tis true I wouldn’t have met you wither. 🙂 xxx

  8. I don’t think that writers are necessarily good at speaking in public. I teach workshops for writers on how to read their work out loud – and they are notoriously bad at this, and dread it. For them, it’s about having the time and space and solitude to get their story down. They don’t want an audience. Writing for me is about seeing stories in things, connections, images that speak and make me feel powerfully. So powerfully that I think it’s worth sharing my experience. As for being born with something – I’ve always looked at my parents and thought: where the hell did I get my creative streak? Recently my mother told me that I am related to Carlos Drummond de Andrade (perhaps the most influential Brazilian poet of the 20th century)!!! I don’t know if this made me feel better or worse. Up until then I thought I was doing a good job with being an artist, coming from a family of ‘uncreatives’ now I think I should be doing better…Gosh, certainly food for thought this post – I’ve really gone on!

    • I loved your response Gabriela and love that you are related to a poet – think of that as a good omen, do not feel you need to do better – I love what you do as do your other followers. Thank you. xx

  9. I don’t think that you need heavy words or complicated language in order to write. I write because I love to and it gives a sense of peace. Yes some people are born to be writers but that doesn’t mean that anybody else can’t. 🙂

    • No I don’t feel one needs the complicated language either, some posts I have to re-read in order to fully understand, not because I’m not educated, but it looses me along the way. Love all of you for sharing your comments about writing – we all do it for the love and that is such a special feeling. 🙂

  10. Everything you said–all of the above applies. Yes it’s genetic-my dad wrote but I am a better writer. My niece writes as well so yeah it’s in the dna for sure. That being said writing is also a craft–talent puts desire and pen to the paper but it takes skill to engage the reader as well. Some writers can talk and I think some just write–but yeah some of us were also born with BIG MOUTHS and have something to say. And some of us write to keep from going insane–to keep the voices inside of our heads to a quiet murmor as they scream for our attention to bring them to life with words upon paper………..


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