Poison invades my veins
I’m in your bed, my skin hurts

are you my poison, I refuse to
believe, I clamber to my feet

I take aboard your lies, touch my face
all is forgiven the poison that entered

is forgotten

caress my skin say how you love me
you are the boy that is my lover

I ingest what you tell me, pretend
it’s me that you love

there is no anti-venom

6 thoughts on “Poison

  1. Ahhh … except that there are lies done on both parties…this could have gone another way. I would love to have my life poisoned with love…but not if the love is a lie.

  2. So beautiful, I thought of Twilight…not in a bad way, in a romantic way. Especially the poison that enters and is forgiven – sort of how love can be the anti venom, so many ways to interpret it, I guess :-)I always see a story with your poetry. You have to keep at it Mumsy, it is really good.

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