Join me Fellow Bloggers + an Aussie Accent.

Fellow Bloggers

stand sit before you today in admiration of blogging.

Are we united as one?
(murmurs amongst the flock)

To spread the word good people.
(hallelujah brother)

The words of possibly just crap poetry, prose, life-style, photographs, history, relationships, humour, sadness, recipes, children, holidays, happy snaps, music, art, hate, love, our marriage, our lack of marriage and chocolate?

My fellow brethren Blogg-er-ren today let it be known that we are a community that have the need to share our desires  stories. We are bound together by words upon a page. We shall not succumb to our everyday existence any longer!

Let’s almost wet our pants be excited for another follower that has deemed us deserving to follow. Let our heart beats quicken when our visitor numbers soar.


Let us take the time to pass comment, to comment on comments, to read, to in fact dear blogg-er-rens to be involved with our fellow blogg-er-rens and be in awe of the talent we witness here today and everyday.

This is my world, this is YOUR world, let us communicate, let us rejoice, let us sing the praises of WP (do I need a straw) for allowing us to come together, be united as one for the sole purpose of spilling our guts out, wondering if anyone will give a damn, gawd not other post from him/her of sharing our stories!

For we are all individuals with different stories to tell, different lives, that have shaped us and my dear blogg-er-ren as you all know we do so love to write.

Let us not be obsessed with our own talent, let us brag be humbled by those that have found us worthy and of whom we find worthy!

Let me hear you rejoice, I say stand up blogg-er-ren let me hear you loud, the written word is before us!

Hold hands with the one next to you or in this case your mouse, thank the almighty WP for granting us, for saving us from an existence of boredom, housework, going for Sunday drives, tending to the children, cooking, cutting our toe-nails, shopping, taxi-ing the youngsters around and work.

No longer are we slaves to the every day to day reality that WAS our lives, for this has consumed us blogg-er-ren, taken us on a different pathway, the pathway we knew as hell I’m bored  I think I have talent to be shared with the world and the world wants to hear it!!

Now for a very special treat or perhaps not my fellow blogg-er-ens.. some of you wanted to hear the Great Aussie Accent….

45 thoughts on “Join me Fellow Bloggers + an Aussie Accent.

  1. WOooohooo … now I get to comment on someone else’s ‘accent’ lol.

    It was lovely to hear your voice Mumsy. And you do know…as I have mentioned before…we have seen you *smiles*

    And you know how to youtube! You have now lept well ahead of me on the technical knowledge of things computer! lol

    • Comment away sweet 🙂 Oh yes you did see the post didn’t you – I keep forgetting it’s on there 😦 Well with the help of daughter # 2 (the one with said fish tank) – it’s not as hard as it seems strangely…go on DO IT! xxx

  2. I loved it Mumsy… I can now put your lovely lilting voice to your beautiful face… You remind me of my dear friend Kathryn, the only one in the world who writes me beautiful letters and I write back, even though it takes us months now:-)
    I wanted to talk to you immediately, it felt so comforting.

      • You are TOO kind darling and thank you. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we had our ‘face-on’ look continually instead of panda eyes, wrinkles from the pillow and hair looking like we have been fragged through a fan backwards! xxxx

  3. Love your voice! Now I’m even more jealous…you have a natural warmth (which I suspected would be the case based on your posts & comments), a brightness of tone, AND you sound like Olivia Newton-John. Yes, that is my gnashing of teeth that you are hearing… 😉 (And no, Ms. Newton-John’s is not the only female Aussie voice I have for comparison.)

    • lol you are second one to say that. Whereas I think her voice is so much lighter than mine. In fact people think I am more ‘English’ than Australian! I do thank you for listening so now you almost have the complete me, pic, voice, posts… hmm when is that virtual party over here happening?? 😉 Thanks honey x

      • Although your accent is definitely not as thick as some Aussie voices I’ve heard, I don’t think it’s quite British. As for Ms. Newton-John, her voice may be a bit higher in pitch, but it still has that same soft, warm, flowing quality that yours has. Love it! 🙂

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