Fish out of water

I am not normally this way
I am bright and bubbly
I interact, make others laugh

The last few weeks have changed me
I’m a fish out of water wanting air
bumping into corners

I want to fit in but feel I’m not
feel that a friendship has been lost
why do I feel this way, what can I say

A friendship of many years
is struggling to survive and I don’t
have a fix it button

I feel alienated though perhaps
I am to blame, for my way of thinking
is different, has pride got in the way

I want it mended to heal so I can be me
that others will let me join in
but I’m a fish for now

without a fix it button

22 thoughts on “Fish out of water

  1. hmmm, ok, poem or true thoughts/feelings?

    pushing the castle to the side
    my round globe now full of space
    smiles greet you as I motion

    willing to share my water with you
    so we can peek out at the world together
    and stick out our tongues and giggle too.

    fix buttons are always there
    some are hidden cleverly
    some in plain sight but missed

    we must always seek them though
    or change the batteries a new
    but sticking out tongues is just so fun too. πŸ™‚

    • Yes it is difficult something that should be said are said harshly…that is what I am going through right now.. and after knowing this person for 15 years it’s a little more than tough 😦 hopefully I can explain more soon. Thank you Shamz xxx

  2. I need a fix it button at work, a fix it button at home, and a fix it button out in the world. I say what I think and before I even say it others can read it on my face and in my body language. I try to say things nicely, but sometimes you just have to be direct. Not all friends/co-workers/family find this to be an endearing quality. You on the other hand seem like a lovely person:)

  3. *gives you a hug*

    Apologizes for my late comment.

    But reading this…I know why tis written. Just know that life will bring people into your life…even whilst some may leave. Just do not shut the door tight … one day she may step though again.

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