I want

I want to play mum again, have my girls rely on me
not grown up and independent

I want to be able to dress them in pretty clothes and
do their hair

I want to be able to guide them when danger approaches
to hold their hand or them hold mine

I want to see their beaming smiles when I tell them how
they have made me laugh

I want to be able to give them the cuddles that I did when
they were tiny

I want to hear their problems and ask me for advice
and accept what I say

I want the closeness we shared, the giggles we had, the
times when we would dance

I want to feel that they can come to ‘mum’ when they
are troubled or upset

I want to play mum again when we shared so many
special moments

I want to be involved in their lives instead of being
the mum who is ‘just there’

I want to be thought of wise and able to help them
in time of need

I want to have them hug me and tell me they love me
just because they want to

I want to know that I have brought them up to be
beautiful young women

I want to know that when I’m gone that they have
thought me as someone special
I want….or am I wanting too much

21 thoughts on “I want

  1. I did a post on Mothers day, I ended it with:
    I use to ask.. when is daughters day…

    thinks I know now..

    it is when I am with my mom.

    Bodies get larger, but the love for moms just keeps growing. πŸ™‚

    your wants are not greedy. I bet theirs are the same.

    pssst.. get a puppy. πŸ™‚

    • I feel this puppy issue is haunting you πŸ™‚ So cute to add that though – I know where you are coming from with it. *hugss* . I think I need to write about the mother/child relationship, it is the strongest bond and as our children grow to become adults, we have to take a back step (sounds like I’m reciting my Memoir!) but it’s true and it’s sad and it hurts at times. xxx

  2. Oh, sniffle sniffle. This made me think of my mum and then I started wondering what she wanted, and then I felt bad because I’ve often just wanted her to leave me alone – probably because our relationship isn’t simple, and as much as I just want to hug her, she doesn’t seem to make it possible. Thanks for this insight. Powerful.

  3. Oh Mumsy, your post has just reminded me that time is fleeting and what I have with my two girls is very precious. I hug and cuddle them everyday, but today, I will cuddle them a little longer. Mmmm, such sweet words. I send you hugs and kisses.

    • Thankfully darling girl you have many many more years with our two little ones – in saying that there should always be hugs. Even with daughter # 2 when she is angry and upset and hating me, I ask for a hug and she gives the bond unites – the embrace calms. Thank you for the hugs and kisses I accept them graciously. xxx

  4. Oh – this made me misty!!! I often think of when mine were young and we would hold hands and I’d wipe their tears away and then we’d laugh – oh dear I miss those times 😦

  5. All I want is for my kids to feel like I had a positive impact on their life. I love the changing relationship with my children as they get older, there are so many more dimensions to the relationships now.

    • J that is also my wish, yes the relationships have changed and they are just as challenging as when they were young as are the dimensions… even more so I guess. It would be nice (for me anyway to turn back that clock) and have those young moments again. xxx πŸ™‚

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