Car Saga continues

Apologies, yours truly is in a little bit of a writing frenzy it seems (once again). So sorry for so many Posts and filling up your In-Box! Delete if you don’t wish to hear about my daughters Car Saga.



Just an update on Daughter # 2’s car.

Still impounded, Mr. S phoned and spoke to the ‘gentlemen’ today, we are lodging a formal complaint with Consumer Affairs now. We are told legally the 2 contracts (the hire car agreement and her car being fixed) are 2 separate issues and she is entitled to have her car back.

Then we are seeking legal advice from a solicitor. He (the not so very nice Manager) sent us the quote for the 5 minute repair (according to the other Panel Beaters she saw) and it amounts to $2,600.00. This company are scammers which is unfortunate for they are a family business that has been established well over 40 years.  Now we wait for the paper-work to be filled in, for even though he accepts a payment plan, he will NOT release the car till that is paid in full ($1,500). Very handy to have a Panel company who also runs their own Insurance company isn’t it……

Meanwhile yes good old Mum will be driving her into work before I head onto mine..ah the joys! 🙂




15 thoughts on “Car Saga continues

  1. What a nightmare. Surely they need three quotes before the they do the repairs! Didn’t they give your daughter the opportunity to get a quote from a panel beater as well???? I hope you took photos of the dint just in case you go to small claims court…

    • No they are hanging her out to dry. They (being Panel Beaters) have their ‘own’ Insurance company (which is probably underwitten) We have the photos that they sent on weird angles to try and show there was more damage. Now we have to seek legal advice… 😦

      • Nods… that just sucks. But perhaps if you file a complaint…the next time, the next person will not get taken. If people before you had done what you and Mr. S are doing, perhaps this could have been avoided. I am super sorry this is so sucky for you and your daughter (and Mr. S) … but you are doing the right thing Mumys.


  2. I hate how mechanic shops have the ability to just screw you over. I’m glad that the place we go knows that before they do repairs of any kind they are to call us, give us a quote, then we decide if we will do the work. Most of them also tend to treat women like they’re stupid, though, thankfully, not the one I go to.

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