Losing touch – come back to me Mum

I see that glazed look
in your old eyes
the eyes that hold tears
wear and tear
from life
I feel your struggle
for recognition
of the past you
once knew
conversations had
Longing glances
to the distance
eye contact barely given
comprehension difficult
of those around you
your eyes can see, I saw you
yesterday, yet you had forgotten
feelings of loss
your life now changed
a burden you feel
to yourself and to others 
Like fitting the pieces of the
jig-saw puzzle
the pieces don’t seem
to fit anymore
trying to recollect
events of yesterday, or just a minute prior

Below is whom I write about tonight, her memory fades a little more each day and there is not a damn thing I can do to help her. If you wish to read a little more about this ‘English Rose’ that is my mum- please click on the below.


25 thoughts on “Losing touch – come back to me Mum

    • It was actually Pop that said to me she seems to be getting worse she will ask the question of him several times. It is heart breaking and something I wish was under our control…or theirs. Thanks Deana. x

  1. What I love about your poems is the real sense of being led somewhere, which gives you the urge to keep reading – and you always manage such a good pay-off on your last line, saying SO MUCH in only a few words. Lovely and gorgeous 😉

  2. I have seen patients go through this and the helplessness in their eyes just tears your heart out and you can’t even do anything 😦 They try to recognise familiar faces, remember simplest of things, it is just so hard to watch them this way. Perfectly portrayed..

    • Thank you very much RG, yes I fear that she will get worse, she still recognises me, but this was brought about because I visited them the other day with daughter #2. When I saw them again she said ‘Daughter 2’ paid us a visit which was lovely. I said I know mum I was here. She paused then said embarrassed ..of course your were … hank you for your lovely comment. xx

      • I remember all the post you have done for your mum … she who at times stopped believing in her lovliness… but whose daughter never did. … and your dad … the handsome one. When one or the other starts to waver again…even if they do not believe or remember … tell them…they are wonderful and beautiful…and tell them that people say how wonderful you are … and it’s because of them. Tell them *smiles* … because it is true.

  3. This is heartbreakingly beautiful. I’m an administrator now, but I was a practicing speech pathologist for years prior to that. Dementia is such a difficult thing to experience.

  4. I think sometimes when the memory begins to go, it’s harder on the family than the actual member it is happening to. Although the person may become frustrated occasionally, it doesn’t last because sooner or later they for get that, too. But for family…the dismay and hurt of not always being remembered by someone precious, the worry that they’ll do something dangerous or get lost… That can be devastating.

    Love the use of jigsaw puzzle pieces that don’t fit. Everyone understands that image.

  5. A beautiful poem
    Perfectly conveying the pain that so many have to go through these days.
    How wonderfully loved your mother is – she must be a very special lady.
    Stay strong – very best wishes,
    Emma x.

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