Planes to take you away

The Picture which has also vanished was of an Airplane – My apologies for this continually happening.

Challenge from Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. (No one will be ostracized for going over or under the word count.)
Make every word count. A Challenge from

Passports in hand
Excitement abounds
to chill and enjoy
far away lands

Drive to the Airport
park in long term
gather dust till
our return

Sit in our seats
order a drink
smile at each other
relax do not think

Our itinerary planned
we have dreamed of this
day engines start up
we’re on our way

Ears pop chew a mint
watch clouds down below
watch a movie simply
go with the flow

Hours it takes sleep
we’ve had none
the holiday we’ve longed for
has just begun

Land in a country
that we’ve never seen
experiences and memories
this is what is our dream

18 thoughts on “Planes to take you away

  1. that sounds all very happy. well done.

    this part:

    Drive to the Airport
    park in long term
    gathering dust till

    “drive” and “park” are simple, present tense verbs. but then “gathering” goes participle. think about cutting that to just “gather” to keep it parallel with the others. not vital, but think about it.

    • Thank you Rich for visiting and the critique. I do see what you are saying, sometimes when I write, even though I feel I have re-read and edited miss very logical grammatical errors, especially with ‘tenses’. Appreciate your comments.

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