PLEASE HELP IVONNE – We only have 2 Weeks!!!

$80 raised $450.00 needed and 10 days before these munchkins pass from this earth

PLEASE any of my followers – can you help get these two (Gayle and Naomi) to Ivonne who is wanting to adopt them.

I have donated.
We can write blogs about relationships, be political , post photos, hell yes, we can write what we ate for breakfast and people take notice.
This Reblog is however one that I have taken notice of and perhaps you may also.
Ivonne Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates … is adopting these two beautiful girls (puppies).
She needs OUR HELP to do this – – I ask are you able to help?
I ask this of you, those that follow me, can you help to make this possible?
Please go her website and see the link to make a contribution and read about these girls that Ivonne is saving. She needs to cover the transport costs from Texas to California (within 2 weeks), she is struggling to do this on her own.
This is worthwhile, I re-blogged this not because of great poetry or of beautiful writing, this is in my eyes has far more meaning, this is about saving the lives of two puppies and she needs our assistance.
PLEASE  if you can let us show how united we are on WordPress and that all the writers here give a damn about our fellow ‘Bloggers’ in a situation such as this. I have also put this on my FB. Please leave a comment if you have been able to help her.
We are generous in our comments towards one another, let us also be generous in this.

Thank You!

Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate....Ivonne's Journey


These two little girls, Gayle (with the Cherry Eye) and her sister Naomi came across my Facebook feed.
They are ten week old puppies that were on the euthanasia list for Wed Feb 6,2013. Well, little Gayle looks just like my Topaz that passed away 7 years ago…….

And no one was stepping up to adopt them…I could not believe it…….10 week old puppies going to be put to sleep?

And so I stepped up. I said I would adopt them. They have been saved from death and they have a temporary foster at the moment. The problem is that the puppies are in Texas and I am in California. There is a transport going from Texas to Loa Angeles in three weeks. The rescue group has set up a donation fund for the girls to cover the cost of vetting and transportation.

But last time I checked…

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6 thoughts on “PLEASE HELP IVONNE – We only have 2 Weeks!!!

  1. Mumsy is being amazing with this. I want to thank her and everyone who helps out in advance. I am not usually the one asking for help, so I have had to let my pride slip a bit on this one. Gayle just looks my Topaz that died 7 years ago and she just grabbed my heart in such a way that I had to rescue them and adopt them. They have a temporary foster for the next two weeks but as Liz, the shelter volunteer told me if we can’t get transport they will have to go back to the shelter. And if they go back they will be put to sleep. They deserve to live. The dogs are in Texas and I am in California. Again a big thank you to everyone. I will keep everyone updated.


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