You failed to say


“You failed to say” …

that boys could break my heart ~~~ that one day I would fall in love
that I would hurt
that I as your daughter must be careful ~~~ for there are boys who
would toy with my emotions
twist my heart into a knot ~~~ and leave
you should have warned me
that not all boys play fair ~~~ should have let me know
that my gut would ache
that I would fail to sleep fail to eat ~~~ that I would weep with
tears that seemingly had no end
that my voice would scream ~~~ from inside and no one
would hear my pain

I sit looking at the glass ~~~ filled with wine ~~~ tempting
trying to erase ~~~ and understand
why you didn’t tell me ~~~ liquid nectar that helps me ~~~ shut out the world
dilutes my misery ~~~ room swirls ~~~ speech slurred

boys versus wine ~~~the wine has won this day.


This was written for Picture it & Writepictureitandwrite2copy-1

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24 thoughts on “You failed to say

  1. So very sad. It makes it even more bitter-sweet that she’s angry/annoyed at her mother for failing to teach her or let her know of these things. The difficult thing with children/teenagers is that they often won’t listen to parental wisdom, some lessons have to be learned the hard way. Thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & write!

    – Ermisenda

    • Thank you Gab (can I call you Gab?) Yes, unfortunately our mothers didn’t impart the information about the cruelness of love and we had to learn it hard way. Then again, would we have listened? Hell no! The pic.. no not mine it was for a prompt from Picture it and write. They post a photo and you have to write about it, wonderful site, good brain work. You should check it out. 🙂 xx

  2. your words are so true. unfortunately, some moms do tend to miss out on that one tiny detail 🙂 such is why i shall make it a point to tell my daughter someday , if i have one. very sad but i quite enjoyed reading this. 🙂

    • Thank you KZ for visiting and commenting, nice to see you back again. Yes indeed it is something mums do need to tell their daughters and sons as well I guess. Whether they will listen is another thing entirely. 🙂 x

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