Friday Fiction 100 words Where will you take me



Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. (No one will be ostracized for going over or under the word count.)

He startled me
in the beginning
reaching out to me
a strange land with
arm outstretched

Take hold of my hand
though it seems
forbidding I shall show
you where to go
I heard him speak

I am anchored unlike you
but I know what
you seek
I am willing
to show you the way
do not be frightened

He was cold but yet
frigid solidified
but still
comforting reassuring
asking to trust myself

I was led as I held
this hand of a statue
led to believe that
anything is possible
I just had to trust

I took…I did

40 thoughts on “Friday Fiction 100 words Where will you take me

  1. I don’t read stories before I post mine… but after the comments, I could not resist this one. Your excellent poem applies to you as well as your character reciting… glad you had faith in Fri Fic… welcome.

    • Thank you so much Ted once again. I am truly pleased with the comments that I have received. Yes I gues it was leap of faith on the character and myself. Thank you for the welcome. I love doing challenges and I hope to do many more ( providing I don;t have the technical issues ) 🙂

  2. That reaching arm worked perfectly to draw the bones of your poem. I’m glad you took the effort to work through all the technical stuff you mentioned on Rochelle’s site. It can be rather frustrating, that’s for sure. But you took the leap of faith and forged on. 🙂


    • Janet I thank you. I love having solid feedback and your critique. Yes it was a little daunting as I have tried to link to challenges without much success I’m afraid. Thank you for visiting and commenting. 🙂 x

  3. Dear Ramblings… To me this is such a powerful way to describe the longing for a guide through the scary journey that life (unknown by definition) can be. I sincerely hope you have found one – and that you may be one to others, as well.

    • Hello Iris, thank yo so much for visiting and your comments. I have found my path – thank you. This piece came looking at the outstretched arm, it sort of grew from that. Lovely comments – very much appreciated. x

  4. Dear Rambly,
    I’m happy you hung in and linked up. Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. I hope you’ll continue with us. Although I must warn you. It’s highly addictive. 😉 Methinks there’s more than a stone statue in your imagery. Well done.

    • Hi Rochelle

      I love being addicted to words, simple though they may be. I’m as I described in a post a peanut butter and toast writer, for that is what my followers enjoy (I hope). Thank you for your thoughts – really appreciate it. Chomping at the bit for the next one 🙂

  5. I am anchored unlike you
    but I know what
    you seek
    I am willing
    to show you the way
    do not be frightened
    This sounds like a preacher of faith guiding a lost soul…I enjoyed this very well done.

  6. How artfully you gave hearts to the figures in this statue. Glad you struggled through the technical problems. WordPress can be a bit daunting until you get the feel of it.

  7. A very interesting take on the prompt – it never occurred to me to see that reaching hand as offering help. (It’s amazing how differently we all see these photos!) I wonder – is the statue / man “anchored” in the sense that he stays home, unlike the lost traveler?

    • Thank you Sharon for visiting and your critique. You have me thinking myself if that is what I was meaning. Funny how we write or I do, the words spew forth the meaning sometimes never quite known. I wrote looking at the pic, typing not really knowing what I was typing, but I can see your point definitely and it could very well be that. Thank you!

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