Trifecta Week Sixty-Four Dwell

Challenge the word – Dwell

I won’t dwell on the fact that you have gone
Every time I see a rainbow I speak to you
I won’t dwell on the fact I ended your life
I did so because I had to, the kindest gesture

I will always remember the day you left me
the pain that drove through my gut, my heart
I won’t think if what I did was cruel or kind
the day I spent my last hours with you

I will remember the love you gave me
the laughter you brought into my life
the years of happiness of unselfish love
the cuddles the caring for you every day

It has been seven years now and I remember
as if it were yesterday, the day I held you
as you silently drifted from this earth the look
in your eyes as I held you tight whispering I love you

I will dwell on my memories of you Tarsh
my one and only tattoo a reminder of the
dog the pet that brought me so much joy
so much love

crossing the rainbow bridge



30 thoughts on “Trifecta Week Sixty-Four Dwell

  1. Nice poem. I was wondering who it would be as I read, and it brought to mind a friend of mine, whose hand I held when she had to say goodbye to her dog. I could hear her saying that.

  2. The distant echo of the knell,
    in the mornings air.
    The haunting ringing of that bell
    tears form and are wiped away.

    Morning walks through that dell
    Wagging tail, eager nose,
    These are memories I can not quell
    without a glistening on my cheek.

    I miss you so and my heart does swell,
    with the love I had and still do for you.
    My dearest, I miss you so, can you tell?
    a puppies loyalty is just so special.

    Pictures on the mantel,
    pictures in my mind,
    you had me under your spell.
    Love lingers forever, of this I dwell

    pssst combining your two challenges with some cheating. 100 words

    the start middle and end are in your heart. This is but a memory. 🙂

    *big hugs*

    • Thank you Shamz – yes memories are grounding. I drive pass the Vets every once in a while and I have to avert my eyes. I remember her staggering in the front lawn, before we took her in (as her back legs had gone) I just picked her up and held her for the longest time… xxx

    • Thank you Lumdog. It unfortunately has brought up sad memories for many who had read, but it, in a way is a good thing, for I know that there are so many animal lovers out there (especially of dogs) who have felt what I have written. Thank you so much.

      • No,we live in f;lats & that’s not conducive for pets.Also ,in India we do not have pet shelters or thgs -so if you have a pet & need to leave town,its going to be problematic.My daughter loves animals,specially cats & dogs but as its not practical,she grew up without one:-(

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