Looking in the mirror


When I look into the mirror
who looks back at me?
character lines etched
by a chisel
eyes that no longer
have clarity
wrinkles, skin loose
thinner than it was
time marches on,  the woman
that looks back now so very
different than the girl of my
childhood, this is the grown up me
the foundations still remain
yet sometimes when I see myself
it’s hard to visualise who I once
was, the years unfailingly have
changed the image of the physical and
yet,  I’m aware changes are inevitable
am I happy to accept?
some days I do, others not
should I convince myself
to refrain from feeling as I do?
my mind remains the same regardless
the inner me not altered
this is only my outer shell
one that has accompanied my
life for 57 years, yet forgive
me my reflection, there are
moments when I gaze at you
and wish that who looked back
was that little girl once more
swirling in a pretty party dress
without a care in the world
no thought given to appearance
no worries of her future
no desire for anything to change
compliments will flatter for just
a moment but they fail to erase
completely those times when 
I look upon myself and feel this way
you may not know of what I speak
you may not have reached this stage
how my impression is of me now,  the
aspiration to feel like that little girl
once more, a non-sensical notion
to turn back the hands of time
but just for one sweet moment
one brief minute or three
I think of how nice it would
be to have that chance
to start life over,  to see the little girl
where I stand now….looking back at me

Written for  – Picture it & Write


25 thoughts on “Looking in the mirror

  1. I love what Ivonne said! Lol It’s funny how we grow older yet our minds stay quite young and playful. I’m turning 45 soon and the thought is daunting! LMAO I loved the image you gave us.
    Hugs xxxxxxx

  2. What is interesting is how when we are young, we wish to be older. When we get older, we wish to be younger. Well…younger for youth … but older in sagenss yes?

    So….given that one or three minutes to start over…if you could …would you change things?

    • I would not have sun baked on concrete with vegetable oil, I would perhaps looked after my body a little more than I have, I would with wisdom, learn not to fall for anything that walked on 2 legs breathed and was cute! Yes to have the wisdom, whilst retaining ‘some’ of the youth would be grand. 🙂 xx

  3. I often think of my childhood and wonder what it would be like to go back. If I did I’d like to take my thoughts and memories with me. As they say – youth is wasted on the young….

    • Yes my friend for as we ‘age’ we have experience and hopefully wisdom, I would like to have come into this world with what I know but still ‘hold on’ to the younger part of me as far as looks. I am certainly one for putting it all out there it seems! 🙂 xxx

  4. When I was a nurse working in nursing homes I used to get cranky at certain other nurses who seemed to forget that underneath those frail old bodies were people just like them. A little time spent combing someones hair, or making sure their dresses weren’t stained or that their cardigans were buttoned up properly…It doesn’t take much time to show a little respect for the people they once were. Physical aging, and deterioration of the mind are one thing, but underneath it all we’re all souls. Sorry, I’m jumping way ahead into real old age here. You just reminded me of those times 🙂 Growing old is sometimes cruel I think, but hey, there must be a reason, wisdom we learn? I wouldn’t want to do it all again, but I’d sure like to look a little less tired, lol!

    • Thanks Tracy, I cannot begin to fathom how people who choose a profession as Nursing do not have hearts at times. Respect for our elderly is paramount. Yes we are all souls, humans being and growing old can be cruel and those that get neglected are only wishing to have their humanity and dignity restored and treated for who they are. I do agree with your last line, however and with that I bid you a goodnight – appreciate you commenting in such depth. 🙂

  5. Your poem is so pure and honest. I believe most women have moments when the reflection looking back seems to be that of a stranger. who doesn’t secretly long for a little of their youth from time to time- especially the innocent and dreamer part? I loved the picture and you nailed the assignment with your interpretation of the image represented. Beautiful.

    • Thank you so much Beck and I totally agree with we have ‘moments’ and that we all do secretly long to have a little bit back if we could. I think those that don’t are not quite telling the truth or they are very confident women! Appreciate your comments honey. xx

  6. wouldn’t it be lovely to look in the mirror and see the beauty that others see, regardless of age? It is there Mums — just look. Who cares about youth

  7. Ramble… I am not so old and yet I recognise this so well. In Holland we have a saying: pocked and marked by life. That is how I often feel – and yet I realise that the difficult things I experienced were mostly the result of my own choices. So yes, even though I am ‘just’ 42, I know this feeling…

    • Oh to be 42 again 🙂 Thank you Iris for visiting another post on my site. Yes to turn back time for even a wee moment… every woman would surely dream. What can we say …but this is who we are, who we have made ourselves and who we shall continue to be, liking it may not happen, but the inevitable is something we cannot change xx

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