Erasing the memory for Picture it and Write

This is another piece from the inspirational folk at Picture it and write


and this is the picture

and this is my take on it

You held a pencil , the artist emerged & crafted me into the person of your dreams your
–  vision
From the pencil came the paint brush,  master strokes & palette in hand you painted
 – me
An idea, your masterpiece took shape until you thought it too hard to
– complete
But I am blood & bone, can you not see the colour of my skin or the hand that reaches out in
 – mercy
Do you not feel my pain as you swiftly without just cause take away what you
 – created
You encouraged me to grow, I came to life under each meticulous stroke of your
– brush
 I did it out of love for you, removing me, will that give you
–  pleasure
I see it in your face,  damn it,  let me
–  be
don’t waste your time on another
– magnum opus


 I am who you need, do not rub me from your life
– do not 

Picture it & Write

17 thoughts on “Erasing the memory for Picture it and Write

    • Hi darlin girl ..please I am not amazing – I write what is in my ‘noggin’ at the time. I will not stop …just don’t get fed-up 🙂 Thank you Shamz, …it’s ok I know you are busy 😉 xxx

  1. Wonderful!! How long did it take you? You seem to be writing with such ease, wish I could say the same. Poetry just hasn’t really worked for me in a long time. 😉

    • I wish I could do this full time, I can’t stop, no matter how many I do, still more comes…it’s like a tap that won’t turn off! This I started it the night before so all up probably 45min – an hour give or take. Kyred try it?!! Free verse – you CAN do it honestly you can…think of Frost he would want you too 🙂 xxx

  2. I don’t know if I get this. I felt like it was a comment on the way we throw away a relationship when it seems imperfect instead of making the most out of what we already invested to make it work. I liked it, so I hope that was it!

    • Anne it was the relationship with the artist and her subject a metaphor for a woman who has moulded the person into what she wanted or believed to be her ‘perfection’, but once having ‘him’ as her ‘ideal’, she became bored with him and therefore started a ‘new project’. If this is what you got then you were right. 🙂 When I write sometimes there is no ‘hidden meaning or agenda’ to it, I simply put the words out that are in my head. Other way I am glad you liked – thank you 🙂

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