Mag 156 Challenge – The Cure

Challenge set from

Wind of History Jacek Yerka

My eyes steely stare
at my past
the broken down car
the ‘house’
they remind me of how
I was so long ago
The days I would
struggle, being
dragged, screaming laid
upon a steel table
arms held down by
leather straps
My forehead strapped as
were my legs tightly
bound in place
rubber shoved into
my mouth
so I could not bite
my tongue draw my blood
or perhaps silence screams
the door shut tight
so others could
not hear their ways
of ‘fixing’ me
electrical volts
surged my body
the cure is what
they said to save me
from the demons
that lived inside my head
I didn’t trust
the outside world
I withdrew into
myself is this why
I suffered what they
thought that they could mend
I have walked away
said goodbye to the
windows that haunt
my dreams, look back
at the ruin it has become
barren now, as I was then
This house was not my medicine
or the pills forced in my mouth
I simply was a testing piece
I stare with steely eyes
I am now ‘normal’
I will not live one more day in hell



23 thoughts on “Mag 156 Challenge – The Cure

  1. I really liked this one.
    electrical volts
    surged my body
    the cure is what
    they said to save me
    from the demons
    that lived inside my head

  2. The picture intrigues me. Your poem goes well with it.

    When you write about the ‘house’ … in my head it is a place we treat with shame. If the house you speak of is the worst of how we used to treat the mentaly ill … then we should expose it as such. If the house is allegory to the hell of our minds …again, we should not hide it. At least not if bringing it to the open leads to healing.

    The person … the subject of this poem seems to me to not yet be whole, and whilst I know that tis a fictional post (at least I hope), it nevertheless makes me sad for the person.

    The picture keeps drawing my eyes. It is indicitive of the stigma isn’t it? We do not go through the front gate…instead, we try to make our cry for help as unnoticable as possible…and we speak little of it after. We enter by the side door…and leave though the back…a shame we too often wear needlessly.

    Tis a haunting poem…and a haunting picture.

    • The depth in which you comment on my writing is amazing. You study the picture, my words and like others that you follow always have something positive to share. I thank you KK – yes this was only from what I have read or seen in movies. How those with depression were humiliated and treated by Electro therapy. Thank you Katie, for being honest, open and thought provoking in what I and others write. xxxxx

  3. You know what got me? The lines: This house was not my medicine or the pills forced in my mouth… It twisted something within me. I had a strange visual of a struggle, of screams, of purging something dark and yet, there was light waving its magical torch, beckoning a walk. I don’t know how you do it Mumsy, but I always have a story brewing in my head from your verse.

    • I do love when the reader ‘feels’ something with simple words. As long as the feeling isn’t too painful that is. I love that I have the ability to brew a story within you, more than you could ever know. Shamz my angel thank you so much xxx

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