Friday Fictioneers – The Lonely

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Ben is his name that’s what he’s called …elderly but still an ‘air’…his head held high with dignity he walks around his town …where children mock and point at pants that bear large holes and worn red cardigan …a cane that he depends upon… that enables him to walk without the limp from hip and body …that has let him down… Ben how is the life …where you live… all alone behind picket fence …where the roof is in such disrepair…tell me truly are you scared? What dreams do you hold onto …what creature comforts are there inside… this house that you live in …that we all deem unfit …not safe for any visitors or a human to inhabit… you fought for us in the war… lost your wife some years ago …do you sit inside alone in thought… and dream the time when you were young…are you happy behind the vines that grow…and care not what they think…your life was spent in happiness…with your Margaret by you side…have you ceased to now let others care…like the house you feel you’ve died… do not let others judge you… this is your family home I know… I only wish to visit you… show I care and …say hello


45 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Lonely

  1. A though-provoking piece, nicely done. I’d try to put a word in between ‘air’ and ‘head’ in the first line – a possible different interpretation de-railed me just as I was getting started. How you got from vampires to this I can’t imagine, but I’m glad you did. Very nice piece. 🙂

    • Joe – I appreciated you kind words, I have a propensity to write about the aged for I feel they do need to be heard, to maintain their dignity and be kept from cruelty of words or actions. Thank you.

  2. A thoughtful look into the life of someone we may ignore (at best) or mock (or worse.) If more os us would realize that these “old people” are still people, even though their bodies and sometimes minds don’t function as they used to do and would, without condescension, talk and be friends with them, we’d all be richer.


    • Oh you made me giggle yet again, wouldn’t it be nice if ‘groups’ were formed to do exactly that – to help the elderly and give them a hug and tll them they aren’t alone in this world. Thank you Amber xxx

  3. I always wonder what strangers’ stories are that I happen to pass on the street. There’s always more there than just what we see with our eyes.

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