Trifecta Week Sixty Five Challenge Exhaust


Exhaustion comes to mind
when I lay my body down to rest
words invade my head from one challenge
to the next
I wonder why I do it
push my mind to the extreme
it’s not for comments, likes or such
it just comes from my within
I exhaust all possibilities
gathering my thoughts
I cannot stop this madness
to put my entry onto sites
I revel in the madness
and I push myself it’s true
so forgive me when I write
it’s what I have to do
you must know by now it’s who I am
I shall exhaust myself
for the love of writing
I can I will I can


For – Picture11-1-1

29 thoughts on “Trifecta Week Sixty Five Challenge Exhaust

  1. I enjoyed the way you responded to this challenge – and it’s always great to get a glimpse into the process of a finished piece. We are grateful for your efforts – please don’t ever stop the madness!!

    • Thank you Gabs I shall try not to, I will write no matter who reads, because it is something I am born to do, something that I cannot live without. Thank you for appreciating, it is very gratifying coming from a writer such as yourself to write such kind words. xx

  2. How well you have captured what most writers feel-or when a passion for something does not allow you to relax till its attended to.Wonderful take on the prompt-love it:-)

    • I know 61 thank heaven for the ‘notes’ on my phone, many a night after I go to bed after writing my posts, my head is tucked under the doona cover and I write what springs into my head… hence the insomnia! Appreciate what you have written – thank you! xx

      • Oh,you mean,you write under covers?;-)That reminds me of my youth when I used to keep a pencil 7 pad under my pillow & whenever a couplet jumped to my mind-which used to happen regularly at around 2-3 a.m(love does that I think,lol!),I would scribble it on ,in the dark(no way my parents would allow me to keep the lights on at that hour-small house-no separate bedroom too:-)Now,am my own Boss-am up till the wee hours of dawn-so no problems-now only if ideas flowed that easily too-sigh!Enjoyed reading what you wrote & the best [part of Trifecta is being able to comment-talk & get to know a bit of each other-love doing it:-)

      • Aren’t you just the sweetest thing! Yes I am guilty of spilling what’s inside my head under the covers. I am so glad you have no ‘restrictions’ now – this is amazing all this different sites that give us the opportunity to share what we write. Thank you sweet-heart…but do try to get SOME sleep 😉 xx

  3. You’ve really expressed the mental process very well. It’s always a struggle to come up with something new, but I love writing and I love the challenge. Nice entry.

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