Trifecta Challenge Week Fifty – Six Goodbye

Trifecta: the challenge: ”below are photos from the 33rd page of one of our very favorite books, Elizabeth Strout’s Olive Kitteridge.  What we want you to do is to scour the page (click to enlarge), choose 33 words, and reshape those words into a piece of your own.  Your piece does not have to tell an entire story.  We just want to see what you can do with this particular word bank.  Punctuation is up to you.”

Trifecta Challenge    Picture11-1-1 Very interesting and  a difficult one , however I gave it a go. Below is my submission…it’s a bit scattered I’m afraid, open for critique or a laugh if you can’t follow the gist.



peering carefully……
he would still use it
the rifle
put the blanket……
over the woman
“Never mind mother”
……she wouldn’t look for long
her entrails
……by the front door
relief came

28 thoughts on “Trifecta Challenge Week Fifty – Six Goodbye

  1. Yowza! Isn’t it fun to play on the dark side for a little while? Those “entrails” were very well used. You’ve written quite a killer piece here, if you’ll pardon my pun.

  2. Although I didn’t go this route in my own piece, I thought all along that the words lent themselves to images of murder or suicide. I like your Hannibal Lector comment earlier. Your story also brings to mind, “Throw Momma from the Train”, too. Lol! Your choice of words and story is bang on! 🙂

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