Just a bit of Aussie Land on a Sunday

Ok this may possibly be the most boring and useless post you will ever witness on WP or my site, this could in reality bore the very pants off you (awkward) but I am sharing *drum roll* some pics of an Aussie supermarket… Of course click onto the pics for close ups…I know you will.  How utterly enthralling will this be??!!!! Hold onto your hats ladies and gents this will knock your socks off!

2013-02-24 12.08.03

Ah yes the Tim Tam section – had to have the chocolate in here for ma’ ladies!Could that be?? Is it??Could that be?? Is it??  You can see by his expression he ‘loves’ to shop…Here we have part of the fruit and veg section..amazing huh?Here we have part of the fruit and veg section this is for Katie..amazing huh?2013-02-24 11.57.51Another part of the fruit and veg  also for Katie – you can’t contain your excitement can you???Part of the meat section - hang on there's more to come!Part of the meat section, chops anyone?  – hang on there’s more to come!The lolly section or part of it - what you guys call sweets.The lolly section (yum yum) or part of it – what you guys call sweets.Yes, you are seeing right -  they are Easter Chocolates...when IS Easter again?Yes, you are seeing right – they are Easter Bunnies…when IS Easter again?Finally and waiting for the 'ewwww' comments, one of my favourites - Rollmops, Pickled Herring...that's fish guys that's marinated in a vinegar...don't judge me, I was raised on them!Finally and waiting for the ‘ewwww’ comments, one of my favourites – Rollmops, Pickled Herring…that’s fish guys that’s marinated in a vinegar…don’t judge me, I have European blood in my veins, I was raised on them!

So there you have it folks/followers/fans a delectable ‘foodie’  insight into an Aussie Supermarket. Pfft it’s Sunday – I was bored.




43 thoughts on “Just a bit of Aussie Land on a Sunday

    • But how adorable is that…I do the same when overseas, nothing like gazing at what’s on the shelves, even though the majority of time you can’t read the labels!
      Oops think I fall into the strange category too then 🙂
      Thanks for visiting.

  1. I agree with merbear74 above…this was quite the awesome blog! It was anti-boring. What is REALLY cool is that we can see what it is really like in a market there. (I think I might just do the same *smiles*)

    Ok….list time…

    1) I zoomed in on photo #1…no, no, not to check out your man (though he is a handsome feller isn’t he?)…but your price of avocados! Oh. My. God. That is over twice here.

    2) Then again, your market’s veggie section looks sooooo YUM. Everything looks fresh and well packed. Even the greens are placed in baggies like flowers ready to be placed in a vase. Lovely indeed.

    3) When I clicked on the choco easter bunny photo it first turned up huge (then went to a regular sized photo) … but whilst big…it was centered on on of the faces of the bunny candies…and oh lord, a zoomed in photo of that makes the face look rather evil and insidious. Seriously…try it. Tis spooky!

    4) I want to know what the heck was $57.90/kg….jaysus. lol

    5) I really liked this blog post a lot.

    • Another in depth reply from KK and my response.
      So OUR Avocados that we grow in Aussie land are twice the cost of yours over there??? What the?
      We do have pretty fresh greens and produce have to admit 🙂 The convenience bags for those on the run – come in handy.
      I see what you mean by the bunnies 😦 ..least there is chocolate inside those faces 🙂
      $57.90 – fresh smoked salmon – the bears have been strugglin this year to catch em, price has gone up 😉
      I am glad you like the blog, I honestly thought it would be – yep you got supermarkets..we got ’em too. 🙂

      Ta about Mr. S… he’ll do 🙂 xxx

      • Not all things are half the cost here…somethings are more expensive I am sure…just depends on what I suspect nod nods.

        And….how could we not like this blog *smiles*

  2. I actually love this kind of stuff! Whenever I have traveled to a foreign country I always check out the supermarkets to see what kind of stuff they have! I have never heard of Tim Tams! Everything is priced pretty comparable to the US! Also, Mr. S is very dashing!

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