LISTENING – VIS DARE CHALLENGE – 150 words – or less.

Unfortunately I do not get notifications for prompts. Therefore I have not been following a theme or writing anything continuously that I can ‘add’ on to, this submission is a stand alone from the picture placed and what ‘spewed forth from my head’. Open for comments, detrimental or otherwise. πŸ™‚





“What? Can’t hear you, I am trying, can you see my ears pricked up, the alert facial expression, my body language – turned acknowledging”?

“Sorry, don’t know why I am having trouble, it is quiet, normally it’s Β jam packed with people, feet, dirty shoes, newspapers, coffee cups, radios, IPhones clicking away”.

“Look at it now, deserted, not a soul in sight, hell even the seats and floors are clean, but you will have to speak up or come closer”.

“Why are you in here anyway, what brings you into an empty train carriage, what do you want from me?”

“You what? Really? Why the hell didn’t you say so sooner, I am a cat, I do as I like, I will come to you when I need to come to you, but if it’s food you’re offering…be right there”.

“Maybe I wasn’t listening hard enough”.


For Vis Dare –


18 thoughts on “VIS DARE CHALLENGE No 8

  1. Add on…

    “What’s this? CAT food? Why yes of course I’m a cat, but I’m sorry, that is not quite up to my standards.”

    “Do you perhaps have some milk? And yes, in a clean dish please. I’m quite fastidious you know.”

    “Wait a minute. What’s that? A cage? You mean to trap me do you?”

    “Ahhh, the local animal catcher you are. I see. And here I thought you were being nice.”

    “By the way, thanks for leaving the back carraige door open. I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

    • Very very good my sweet, thank you for the addition, you should enter some of the sites and try your hand, it’s loads of fun πŸ™‚ Glad he/she got away from the big bad mean control officer πŸ™‚ xx

      • I actually do not know where/how people get these challenges and such lol…I just bramble about. Besides…on the poetry end…you are my official WPPL (Word Press Poet Laurret) *smiles*

  2. Love the ground-level viewpoint of the cat — “feet, dirty shoes, newspapers, coffee cups, radios, IPhones clicking away” — lovely details that really paint a picture, in a skittish, cat-like distractedness.

    As for notifications of the prompts — mine go up every Tuesday midnight EST, so you can always check back at 12:01am on Wednesday and see what the next photo is! Thanks for a great VisDare!!

    • Thanks Angela, yes it’s a case with a few of the sites, if I don’t have Google or 5 other things open to see what’s happening, I tend to fall behind the eight ball somewhat! Never mind I shall do when I can, as I so enjoy these challenges set by you site and others. I appreciate greatly your comments. πŸ™‚

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