The Mag 157 Venus De Milo

Venus de Milo with Drawers - Salvador Dali, 1936

Serene sensuous
yes I am ‘woman’

but take a harder
look at me

I am not moulded
as others

though my shape

the woman the
form platonic

will the drawers
once open reveal

truly who I am
more complex

open the compartments
for that maybe the key

the way to discover
the inner me


For the Magpie Tales

6 thoughts on “The Mag 157 Venus De Milo

  1. I liked this…not only does it go well with the photo…but also…it speaks to us as people…not just what you see…but what you don’t see…unless you take a look

  2. Hiya Mumsy, so glad to be catching up with your posts. This is one of my favourites…mythological Venus is all woman, she draws you in like bees to honey and yet here we are more than a body, more than a vessel, more than an image… So beautifully composed.

    • Shamz helloooo! You have the ability to ‘understand’ for more than I do when you read my work, or to describe it so differently than I – thank you and happy to see you around busy girl 🙂 xxx

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