Trifextra Week Fifty-Seven The door will not be opened

the weekend challenge – we’re asking for exactly thirty-three words written in first person narrative

I cannot open
your door or enter
how can I
I crumble
my heart thumps
hands shake
remembering you
not breathing

I love you

I mourn you

Forgive me


Fiction piece written for:-


And about

I am so very fortunate to have not experienced a loss so tragic as this, a loss of a new born, though I know of families who have. I write this for the Challenge but to also bring awareness to this cruel and puzzling syndrome. If this is out of the rules or posting the picture,  I apologise and happy to bow out of the challenge.

48 thoughts on “Trifextra Week Fifty-Seven The door will not be opened

    • Thank you Barbara, yes, I think now they are beginning to identify the reasons, but back when I knew this family it was not known. I do not know why I felt I should write about it, it just happened that way.

    • Katie, this was a fictional piece, it was not written about my personal experience, but I did know one mother whose son was taken through SIDS. I apologise if you found this upsetting. I thank you for visiting and reading. x

  1. Losing a child would be the worst possible hell one could go through. My heart aches for these parents.
    This piece was so powerful, and your words were so well chosen!

  2. I think this is why moms will often just watch their babies sleeping. I know I did with all of my puppies–just watch them sleep and make sure they are still breathing.

    • Yes it would be one of the reasons, or the waking up in the middle of your sleep frightened because you haven’t your baby stir or that they have slept through without disturbing you. You shall be seeing your puppies soon try and get some extra sleep now 🙂 xxx

  3. Good writing should provoke a reaction so, don’t apologize for cracking the hearts of everyone who is reading this story. You have tapped into one of the biggest of all parental fears with these 33 words. You have written a brilliant story and are to be commended completely. Time to put Trifecta away for awhile and go hug my daughters. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, sorry for the late reply to your comments. I am so appreciative of what you have said. A writer acknowledges and can be delighted when their words provoke a reaction, I just didn’t want it to sound too…dismissive or uncaring. I am glad you went and hugged your daughters – thank you so much for what you have written and visiting my site.

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    • Thank you Suzanne, yes I don’t think any parent would be able to get over something as tragic as this, appreciated what you have said, though apologies for making your stomach lurch. 😦

    • Sorry Stacey if I upset you, that seems to the reaction from others as well and I feel a little guilty for making people feel that way, but I write and if there is a reaction good or bad … I must accept. Thank you so much for visiting and for your comment.

  5. I just could not imagine this happening. I am so lucky with my two daughters and their children. Nothing wrong with your piece, or the photo. Lovely writing.

  6. I was terrified the first two years of both my children’s lives and would check in on them 33 times during the night…Are they still breathing??
    My father lost a 6 month old sibling like that…My grandmother never recovered from it

    • Oh T how simply awful, to have a child and to lose them at any age would have to be the most horrific event that can occur in someone’s life, your poor father and grandmother 😦 Heart goes out to you darling and sorry if this brought up painful memories. 😦 xx

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