It’s time to say thank you

It’s Sunday afternoon ( 4:00pm to be precise) here in the Land Down Under, eyes down everyone ( no I’m not playing Bingo) look to the left, right, up, or in the middle, depending where you live.

It’s been a little while since I said Thank – You.
My fans, followers have reached an amazing 227 and over 12,000 ‘hits’ (probably many that had lost their way from the tags I placed) but nonetheless, I am bowled over by that amount. For those of you that have a gazillion, be proud of your accomplishment. For those who have just begun your blogging journey, I wish you luck and happiness at being able to share your words. You will meet some amazingly talented and lovely folk.

As much as I love to write, I think it only fair, that now and then we should thank those that follow us (my thoughts only). I could sit at home and scribble my ramblings into my journal, but would I be satisfied with that? Everyone likes a pat on the back and recognition for what they do. Having a site whereby people can follow you (obviously because they enjoy what they read or they wouldn’t otherwise), is my encouragement to continue. There are days when my brain is frozen (yes I know – doesn’t happen often) but meeting challenges and prompts on various sites, or coming up with an idea from reading another post,  or simply having an idea in my head that I need to share gives me such an internal buzz. I love it, we all do or we wouldn’t have started in this realm.

Knowing that people enjoy (hopefully) what I do,  brings a smile to my dial…. like this       🙂

‘so ..yeah thanks heaps’

To start with none
then see one
and gradually increase
stirs up many emotions
in liddle’ bitty me
Some may think I dribble
and I’m really very touched
for you to hang on in there
I thank you all so much


19 thoughts on “It’s time to say thank you

  1. Awesome, congratualtions. And no you never seem to be at a loss for words and I say that in a very good way. Not only do your words create other worlds for us but also the words of encouragement you give to each and every one of us on our posts along the way. You are a gem!!!!!
    hugs & kisses


    • You have delighted me with what you had said, you have encouraged me and supported me from pretty much the beginning, as I said in this – we should be saying thanks now and then. To pay homage to those that read what we do. Thank you so much sweety – this type of reaction makes the sometimes long hours that I spend and the RSI very worthwhile indeed!

    • Mel, you are so very gorgeous for saying that, truly. Heaven help me if I reach a million…it takes me 3 hours to respond to comments as it is! 🙂 But what you said gave me the warm and fuzzies so THANK YOU xxx

  2. This was a sweet and special post, Jen. I am looking back at your thank you post. I am grateful we are connected. Hope to be a blessing to you as much as you are to me.♡

    • Hello lovely (and you are in every sense of the word) you have been into the archives haven’t you! I am grateful that we are connected too, very much so, thank you for being here ❤️😘

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