Trifecta Week Sixty-Seven – Madeline

Trifecta Challenge  Week 67 – The word is JUGGLE  Using the 3rd definition in 33 to 333 words – 3: to handle or deal with usually several things (as obligations) at one time so as to satisfy often competing requirements <juggle the responsibilities of family life and full-time job — Jane S. Gould>

She drapes herself in Gucci, Armani, Versace. 24 carat gold jewellery adorns her fingers, wrists and throat. Her watch, a Cartier Santos 100 diamond 18 carat is exquisite, a birthday present from him. The price tag a mere $39,000.00. Jimmy Choo is all she wears on her pedicured feet, her nails, french manicured. Her hair cut elegantly short, black, slick, shiny.

She lives amongst the haute monde, her house palatial, decorated with Italian furnishings, an ambience of pure glamour. The stately garden, which surrounds her castle, is full of elms and magnificent perfumed rose trees. Koi of red and white, swim elegantly under lilies at the base of the waterfall in her fish pond, whilst black swans paddle gently back and forth. Every morning she swims 20 laps in her pool to maintain her tightly toned body. Her husband appreciates her anatomy, she is twenty-five years younger.

She is the hostess of all hostesses, though she never lifts a finger in the preparation of holding a garden party or a sit down dinner for thirty of their closest friends. She has servants who are paid to attend to the cooking and cleaning. Madeline does not need to get her fingers dirty.

She is in the book club, the bridge club, the tennis club and like clockwork every Wednesday evening she jumps into her Bugatti Veyron kisses her husband David on the cheek to join her girlfriends to play bridge or sometimes even poker.

Wednesday, a warm summers evening, when she drove to the club.
Where she was greeted with warm smiles and kisses on the cheek.

Walking up the staircase, she entered the room.

Madeline let her Armani dress slip to the floor.
Laid on the bed and welcomed her first client.
They took her, paid her, walked away.

She was not born with a silver spoon.

Madeline had knocked on heavens door, when she married David, but now this was life she chose to juggle….

the life she wants against the life she has.




For Trifecta  332 words


33 thoughts on “Trifecta Week Sixty-Seven – Madeline

  1. Interesting character. I don’t really understand what fulfills her from her ‘other life’ – whether it’s the physical pleasure or the independence or some sort of emotional experience, but I had a good sense of her acquired wealth after reading this.

    • and possibly a mystery does she want the life she has with the riches or the life of an after hours call girl, is she tired of the wealth, unhappy with the husband who has provided? Does she seek ‘love’ in any form to have it rather than not? Thanks Jannat for your response. x

  2. Perhaps everybody wants a little risk and adventure in order to break out of their routine and out of their comfort zones…

  3. Intriguing. Everyone needs something of their own – and what better thing to own than your body. I liked the twist – thought provoking – my favorite kind of twist.

  4. What’s life if not peppered with a little excitement or a change of routine,eh?Madeline seems to love the power -possibly she was a call girl before she married David?Or who knows maybe she loves sex-& David is 25 years older-not getting nay there maybe?lol!Love the intriguing tale-how no one is happy with the lives they have-not even the rich& powerful-all of us chasing the elusive rainbow of happiness;-)A wonderful piece-loved it:-)

    • Hi gorgeous, thank you so much for your thoughts on this. Yes not enough love, wanting to control something of her own and not be handed it all on a plate..actually when I started I had the image of her being a call girl in my head (in the prior life) so well picked. xx

      • Oh so glad I picked that-goes to show how well you have written the piece:-)I had planned on writing a piece on a woman with many lovers,a family,a hectic social life,a husband,a job but when i started writing ,the story just changed,lol!

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