Circle of Life


Peer over the top       ~     if you are willing
cast downward glances
into your world
are your thoughts           ~        earthed
a level playing field
or is the ground
too far away
question life
momentary giddiness
look down
is                     your glass
half empty

FOR  VisDare 11: Whorl

16 thoughts on “Circle of Life

    • Forgive me for taking long in replying – life got in the way of replying, words can’t describe my gratitude for what you have written, I thank you so very much and I am so glad you found it worthy enough to write what you did. 🙂

  1. I was wondering if you were visually trying to make your words swirl like the photo (which by the way…how do you thnk they took that picture?!?!?!)

    As for the question of half full or half empty … *smiles* … optimist or pessimist? What if I said I thought they constructed the glass twice as big as it needed to be? *grins*

    • I am flabbergasted by the comments I have received by you and everyone. I don’t know really what I did, I just felt the words going in a circle spinning and placed them like that in the end. Thank you so much honey for your lovely thoughts, you are to kind. x

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