Haiku Moments


Sapling bundle borne
Smile bright as the sun rays
burden not to her


Whispery wishes
alight from a single breath
granted multiplied
images-11Shaft of sunlight falls
beckoning to continue
light to guide me home

I do not write many Haiku, so I hope you are able to enjoy these,  gladly welcome critique.


10 thoughts on “Haiku Moments

  1. Haiku is a poem
    Five – seven – five syllables
    In a line must do

    Why I write Haiku
    If I only knew the why
    Then the more I’ll write

    If you write Haiku
    Then the only thing to do
    Is write more for you

    How’s this for a beginner ???

        Using same pictures
        Fragments I can write for sure
        To make single thought [Guess what my acceptance is in HAIKU]
        What broke camel’s back
        I gladly took the burden
        But only in shade

        Wanting to have heirs
        I sit patiently for a breeze
        From innocent child

        Here I am in dark
        Looking for a shaft of light
        To create hope’s ray
        So how’s this “MUM” 😀 😀 😀

        If your first name was Rose, I’d have the prefect song for you.

  2. I like the first one best I think. It seems more traditional? (Seasonal and cutting words.)

    The last one saddens me though. Strange how one can read something in very different ways…depending on their mood at the time. Sunlight to me should mean something happy … but the light…at this point in time … for me … elicits the calling home. And I am never ready for that.

    • You know me too well…the 1st is my favourite also The last yes it was a drawing to the light and the end of life. My mood as you know is fluctuating a tad right now… I do love your critique and always welcome it – thank you my darling 🙂 xx

  3. Oh RL how sweet for the Nat King Cole Clip – I do love that song too 🙂 Your Haiku were good, I especially liked the 1st one very much, and the 2nd and ok the 3rd. Well done! 🙂 Funny how I get the name MUM from many – it’s cute – ta.

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