Happy Birthday Daughter # 1

EPSON scanner image25th March 1983
a little princess was handed to me
chubby cheeks and darkened hair
my first born baby girl my daughter
tears of joy and happiness
with so much love I could not speak
 She grew into a girl with spirit
a girl with wants and humour
a girl who now
is a remarkable young woman
one that I can say of whom I’m very proud

there was no teenage rebellion
her grades were high
her fortitude strong
a girl that strived from day one
to be the best that she could be

and yes we have had our battles
like daughter/mothers do
but we ‘know’ each other well
and today it’s your 30th birthday
where has that gone I ask?
those years when I first held you
to now
the time has moved too fast


I wish you happiness in life
and all it has to offer
your were my first born little girl
and what I wish to say is
I send you love and give you hugs
on this your Very Special Day


Happy 30th Birthday ‘B’ – I love You



You can see my second daughters birthday blog for her 26th birthday here https://ramblingsfromamum.wordpress.com/2012/12/13/happy-birthday-to-my-youngest/

28 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Daughter # 1

  1. Oh Jen, you have two beautiful girls. Happy Birthday to your first gorgeous girl. 30 fantastic years. Happy day to you too my sweet. Smiles and hugs….all the way from here… Well u know where that is….

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