The Dragons Loyalty Award


The above Award was bestowed to me by Merby on
As she has written – To me, this award should be passed on to the people who have been with me the longest. This blog started out as a place for me to share my depression and chronic illnesses, and how they take their toll on my life. It still does this for me, but now it’s my playground, as well.

She has kindly nominated moi, so in my usual way of acknowledgment of this Award,  I now list the other nominees of her choosing. Thank you Merby my dear friend and Congratulations on receiving the Award…oh and do check out these other wonderful folk if you haven’t already 🙂

Breathing Space
Evil Squirrel’s Nest
Fibro Feist
Debauchery Soup
The Temenos Journal
Not Quite Alice
Mental in the Midwest
Angies Grapevine
Fairytale Epidemic
I Won’t Take It
And my best friend in blogland
Melanie of Deliberate Donkey

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