No room for whimps Friday Fictioneers



“Rochelle, we shouldn’t be here, what if they come home?”
“Ted, stop panicking, you’re such a wimp”.
“They left the lamps on, it’s daylight outside, who does that, please?”
Rochelle studied the contents of the kitchen, running her fingers over the bench, the empty jars and gazed out of the window.
This would be her house someday, when she grew up and married Ted.
Pimply skinned and 13,  Ted was oblivious to her agenda.
“Please, he pleaded, can we just go, it’s freaking me out”.
Rochelle paused staring at the lamps.
Perhaps I need to marry someone willing to take risks.
OK already”.

104 words (oops)

For:      friday-fictioneers

71 thoughts on “No room for whimps Friday Fictioneers

  1. I don’t think Ted’s a whimp. I think he has a healthy sense for wanting to stay out of trouble. Won’t marry him though.

    • I am chuckling over here…a female that needs being tamed? Surely you jest 😉 then again if it was Rhett I’d be up for taming myself! thanks for popping over and reading – appreciated.

  2. hahaha loved this story ^^ could just imagine the characters. I don’t think Ted’s too wimpy, just cautious I suppose. but nah, wont marry him either. ^^ the girl’s a bit on the crazy side, love it

  3. If you don’t mind one bit of grammar info, when you address someone by name when writing, you need to use a comma or commas to separate the name from the rest of the sentence such as, “Rochelle, have you told your husband about Ted?” Or, “No, Janet, I haven’t had that pleasure yet.”


  4. The Ted I know is a lot better.. but of course it’s not him, just his name. 🙂
    I loved Rochelle’s comment!
    Very fresh take on the prompt. The house does seem ominous. I think Ted is right. They better get out!

  5. Those beautiful young gals can persuade us fellas to take all kinds of risks and lead us into the most awkward spots. Ted was just allowing his heart to lead his head. Aren’t all good love stories like that?

    • Us girls do have the propensity to shall I say ‘run rings’ round the guys..we were born to it 😉 Yes you are right Ted was somewhat blinded…but I think Rochelle is a little bit more wicked. Thanks you so much Joe for reading 🙂

  6. This one made me smile — I would’ve been as oblivious as Ted was! I like this back and forth between the partners in crime. And a fun title for your story. Fun stuff!

  7. Interesting twist in your little tale. I remember sneaking into empty houses, but I never snuck into my own. That would be weird. She is young yet, and can find someone with a better neighbourhood!

    • You comment made me chuckle Lindaura yes weird and dare we say awkward sneaking into your own house (unless of course it’s 3am in the morning..)
      Yes I think so too, her ‘values’ are a little over the shop.. thanks for popping over and reading- appreciated.

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