Not 2 peas in a pod

Pre Teen
Comic tenacious smiling reclusive angry
dancing queen mimic
words to every song known
lonely hated school

Rebellious angry heart of gold
illusory cunning madam
quick tempered and easily hurt
lover of reading

Procrastinator unconcerned attaches softhearted
untidy room indecisive
lost her way wanting friends
learning trying fighter 

Pre Teen
Friends hard to make sad
strong willed temper
perfection a must consuming
a developing artist

Insecurity self doubt fitting in
dancer messy room
superior grades university studied committed
frenzied worrier afraid

Confidence on the outside shines
inside uncertainty lingers
many friends achiever hard worker
sentimental passionate strong

The above was a challenge set to me by Amber from This was the most difficult post that I have ever written. It feels scattered but the challenge was 3 stanzas, 4 lines each, 1st line 5 words, 2nd line 3 and so forth, for 3 stages. Thank you Amber – this indeed was a hard challenge. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense to those that read..

I am describing my 2 daughters or trying to….and yes they both still have messy rooms.

17 thoughts on “Not 2 peas in a pod

  1. *soft hugs and big smiles* Are you not glad I didn’t specify rhyming?
    I love the title. 🙂

    I think though, some tugs at your heart were made too and reflection. Two of your life’s creations. The best you have done, the best you can do. Set free to grow like a planted crop. You can weed it and water it, but not control its growth. You can protect it from evil bunnies that want to eat it, not all of them though. So you sit back and smile and watch it grow, shiver when a bunny hops near… but it is a strong crop and it will flourish.

  2. Yes very glad! – I don’t think I could have managed though it probably is a little tricky to read as is. That took a lot out of me and my memory, yes as you say the best I have done, the best I could do..and believe me any nasty bunnies come by..they will know about it 🙂 Thanks sweet and hugss and smiles back xxx

  3. *smiles* … I can tell which one is which. The thing is? I see you in both of them.

    And … *smirkles at the homework*. I am glad you are making this connection too…you will find Amber is not just a good friend…but a great friend….and the most wonderful of people. Even if the assigns homework at times *smiles*

      • I see many, many good bits…*smiles*. And even if there are not so good bits, tis still a part of you …. so how can that really be bad yes?

        *smirkles at the puppy remark* I am soooooo telling Amber you don’t have one so you cannot use that excuse lol. Wait…let’s think of a reason that your Mr. can somehow get it lost! lol

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