Grasshopper and Fire – Kung Fu Haiku

For Haiku Heights    # 6 & 8 combined Grasshopper and Fire – I am a little ahead of myself with the topics – apologies. Grasshopper is not open till the 8th – only just realised after writing and posting.

Master Po whispered

young grasshopper see the world

through my old blind eyes

knowledge is like fire

consuming never quenched

see as I do see



32 thoughts on “Grasshopper and Fire – Kung Fu Haiku

  1. My eldest is just learning to write Haiku:-) it is so much fun seeing her work on it and i help her along too. I love how you have used grasshopper and knowledge with fire and quench. You know, you have quite the skill my lovely. This one is a favorite. I would love to see you use the ‘ Tao of Pooh’ in a Haiku, someday. He is such a wise little bear 🙂
    I grew up with Kung Fu analogies in my house, watching it regularly, we used to bow and say to each other …. Ahhhh young grasshopper watch the butterfly in metamorphosis, a joke about how we would grow up and grow beautiful, become old, die and be in re- birth again.

    • I do enjoy Haiku – unlike my ‘ramblings’ succinct and to the point! 🙂
      Awwww again you flatter me, and I am honoured. I shall take you up on the Tao of Pooh 🙂
      That is so sweet especially having girls – how they will change and blossom. Thank you Shamz very much, as always appreciated. xxx

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