Open for Suggestions

It is Sunday the 7th of April 3:30pm. The brilliant sun has now crept behind the clouds ready to shine on some other part of the planet. We have turned back our clocks (or they have automatically done that themselves) no more daylight savings 😦  and I did some weeding this afternoon. Yay Me!

I firstly want to say ‘ta’ to those that have commented so graciously on my Blog Etiquette Post – which is here       Blog Etiquette- The 10 Commandments from the reader and the writer’s prospective – 400th Post
if you haven’t read it I shall refrain from asking why not. For those who have, I do hope that I imparted some useful advice (if not, I tried).

A few days ago Lynette decided upon a name change for her site which you can now see here

Which got me thinking, upon her suggestion that I should change mine from ramblingsfromamum. I am now open for suggestions.

Should I change?
Why should I change?
What suggestions do you have?

Naturally I will take all your comments on board (as per the Blog Etiquette) and promptly trash them, then make up my own mind …….. kidding!!!

So yup,  putting it out there, testing the waters, getting a feel (not that!)

So what do you think of the idea? Hmm, come on don’t be shy.



I shall in a day or two reply to suggestions and comments made in a post, so forgive me for not answering each of you individually as I normally would have.

14 thoughts on “Open for Suggestions

  1. I think that is a personal decision and should be based on if you are tired of your name. 🙂 your blog is something you stare at mostly, not visitors, so if you are ok with the name then who cares what others think. If you are in need of fresh paint, go for it!

  2. Ramblings from a Mum – to me indicates we might be hearing a lot of different things most of which might probably be related to a mother. I’m been a around following for a little while now, and you usually have a positive attitude to your situation [“or lack of one”], even though you might rather be the opposite, that of being down,
    I believe something which would describe both sides of you might be better, and I looked at a possible new name for your site, a play on words crept into my thoughts and I came up with:


  3. I do think you have to get your writing involved in the name somehow since that is what you do mostly here now isn’t it?

    Maybe just a new design would suffice (can help if you want).. How about a play on words “Words and Peace” kinda combines the two…xxx

  4. Yes change it!

    hmmm, so my suggestion would be something rambly… and all Mum like.. so .. Mums Rambles.. hmmm no.. close though… Ramble with Mum.. hmmm close…. wait.. I have it. A list, we need a list.. where is Katie…

    Mum Rambles..
    Ramble on with Mum
    Mum Rambles here
    Visit Mum and Read Her Rambles
    Mums Rambes are the bestist

    nope, not working, but I like the last one

    Wait, I have it.. one that would be perfect

    Ramblings From A Mum.. that is it. *nods lots*


    If you want a change though, you can change themes, nothing is lost and you can go back if you want.

    *sneaks lots of hugs*

    Psst and we don’t care what you write here, we like that you do.

  5. I want to play! I want to play!

    1. It’s Not All Poetry Damn-It
    (ok … likely kind of angry sounding … hmmm….next!)

    2. Mumsy’s the Name, Rambling’s My Game
    (nope…that one sounds blech. Whap me for that one.)

    3. The Wise One of Oz
    (potential, potential. but I know you will not want to put the ‘wise’ part in your name….even if tis true.)

    4. Empty Ramblings
    (a combination of your current name and you previous name? of course, they aren’t empty at all. 🙂 )

    5. Mum, Rambler, Aussie, Poet, Writer, Wife – Me
    (do you say ‘Aussie’? Or is that a term that is not used there?)

    Excited to see if you change, and if you do…what you chose *smiles*

    Whatever you decide, I agree with others … tis not the name or the look …tis the person you 🙂

  6. I like the name Ramblings from a mum – but if you want to change it maybe you could add ‘Aussie’ into the equation? 😀 Something like “Ramblings from an aussie”. Best of luck 😉

  7. Ooooh I love Katie’s ‘ wise one of Oz’ sooooo brilliant. Okay, I personally love ramblingsfromamum … It is who you are. Although you don’t actually ramble. So I really like the play on words there.
    You have some very important things to say, they are inspiring and filled with awareness. You could play with themes and personalise it the way some have suggested or you could come up with another name that holds onto mum and rambly 🙂
    No matter what you choose, you are adored.

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