I got nuttin’

an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting

That’s the challenge definition and the word to use is Alchemy. This is for Trifecta Week 72.

For the life of me I cannot think, I have attempted 5 times, I have walked up and down the length of my house, rubbed fingers on knotted brow, I have gazed to the ceiling and the barren walls, splashed my face with water, had a straight scotch, stood outside in the cold night air.

I am perplexed, bamboozled terrified – writers block has hit fiercely, nothing that enters my pea brain at the moment makes any sense.  No words of wisdom…pace..no deep and meangingful pearls…pace…nothing that strikes me…no story…. no prose not even a Haiku…. hang on a minute!  Don’t move…. here it comes…my freeze has been defrozen …no actually defrosted…


I started off as an egg
then into lava I did grow
then I was a pupa
my morph to butterfly was slow

nope,  that’s not working either, can’t get the word alchemy into it.

what about?

you started off as Clark Kent
then into phone booth you did went  (I’m a writer I have a license to write this stuff)
the alchemy transmute was grand
for you emerged as Superman

ok it’s not working for me, so clearly it won’t be working for you either.

Well,  I’m sorry my fellow Trifectians and readers, I have nada, zilch, or as us Aussie would politely say ‘bugger all’.

Alas I do not hold the power of alchemy, mystical or otherwise to transform
what I have written into something, profound, beautiful, containing imagery, be thought provoking or otherwise.

If you do read, please don’t let it spoil your activities, you may now get on with your day.

For the wonderful ever so popular and inspiring TRIFECTA http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/


maybe next prompt I’ll have my ‘zing’ back


49 thoughts on “I got nuttin’

  1. *hugs softly* Mumsy, you dont have to write prose each day, we love to hear how your day went, or how annoying you found a commercial, or how that blade of grass is bent.

    perhaps your muse is napping. 🙂

    • My muse is in a coma
      My day would bore the pants off you my sweet and our commercials are different to yours…the blade of grass being bent as exciting as my life is now… ok that’s my whinging for the evening. I shall write a post now on my day and my thoughts…be prepared…or afraid… and like I said to Katie I luvs you. I hope your party ended well, sorry I couldn’t stay around. xxx

  2. Poor Clark Kent. I bet he never reaslised that his rights and cape would constitute an alchamy transmute. I’d hate to think what Wonder Woman’s transformation would be called! I love it, Rambles and can’t wait to hear how your day went :).

    • Oh Ruby you flatter me, this was..well I should have just left the challenge till my brain was in a better place, but I am stubborn 🙂 Yours was exquisite. Thank you though for saying that, I did not write for comments lol let alone be in the voting process but I put it out there none the less! x

  3. For all your lack of confidence this week, I did enjoy reading your rambling. (: I hope your writer’s block clears out soon.

  4. My muse was in a coma for quite a while, too. I decided I really needed to go out and weed my garden-and boy did that wake that muse of mine up fast!

    I liked what you wrote today. It worked for me:)

    • Weeding? Hmmm I did that the other day, perhaps just stepping out into the brilliant sunshine will do the trick. Thank you so much for liking and reading Valerie – I must get to yours and others. 🙂 x

  5. being a relatively new writer, i haven’t experienced this creative frustration yet and honestly hope i never do. the best painting teacher i ever studied with had 3 rules, the one i hope might be helpful to you was,

    ‘Turn the canvas to the wall and walk away.’

    of course, you are free to interpret this as you please. ;-}

    • or in my case walk away from the computer 🙂 thank you so much, it doesn’t normally get to me – I am a tad of a blabber-mouth but last night my writing was reflective of my mood. Tomorrow (as late now I hope shall be better). Thank you!

    • Thank you sweet…I don’t know about fun 🙂 I was tearing my hair out trying to think of anything intelligent to write…sadly pfft this was the result! Thanks for reading though…where is that scotch….

    • Oh Kelly how kind of you, I think we all have..I’m pushing myself a bit of late and that was the result… but I am so glad you said what you did..makes me feel better that it wasn’t in vain. 🙂

  6. your honesty is refreshing *and relatable* and I think I actually guffawed for the first time in my life at the Clark Kent bit; i’m not sure what a guffaw would actually sound like, but I went HA! really loudly 😉

    • That is a compliment! I love if any ‘guffaws’ at my writing, thank you, I try to be honest – ok I don’t try I am… oops that first part wasn’t honest 🙂 anywho thank you for reading SM – I really appreciate your honesty in your reply.

  7. I will agree with Amber … poetry or not to poetry … write when you write … and if poems or prose escapes you, then write garbledy-goop. That is what I do *smiles*

    But … for you … haiku for a friend
    An inexplicable or mysterious transmuting.
    That’s the challenge definition and the word to use is Alchemy. This is for Trifecta Week 72.

    Her life was perfect
    She found life to be a lie
    She started anew

    Kids grow, they move out
    There was now an empty nest
    She started again

    She met a kind man
    She found life to be was true
    She started to live

    New work and new job
    No work no destination
    No identity

    But future is change
    The future is alchemy
    I believe in you

  8. LOL – although you had no alchemy, I believe you had plenty to say… I don’t think your brain was frozen, not at all. It just thumbed its nose at alchemy and continued on with thoughts of every other word.

    I enjoyed reading your post about nothing (let’s not forget Jerry Seinfeld had a very successful television show about nothing that ran for years, and still airs its reruns) more than many of the other alchemist posts that have been written. 😀

    God bless you,

    • Cheryl – such kind words and you made me laugh, indeed it was exactly that my brain thumbing its nose at alchemy..it simply did not want me to write about it. I am pleased that you enjoyed reading – thank you so much. x

  9. I love this. I smiled throughout the piece. One of my favorites. Comes off as a terrific bit of metafiction. Clever, original and well-written. I don’t drink scotch but I’ll raise a glass of wine in Cheers!

    • Ok I shall show my ignorance I had to look up metafiction (so many words – so little time) 🙂
      I’ll see that wine and raise you 2 scotches – thank you so much Steph for your lovely comment 🙂 x

  10. Well I guess misery loves the fucking company, doesn’t she?
    Ha. I can see you are now aware how well accompanied you are!!! Shall I add: been there, done that? I call this a first-class literary whinge.

    • Oh Kymm yup and I have been quite low of late so no wonder my brain didn’t want to function. So appreciate that you enjoyed my 1st class whinge – I actually, though frustrated, enjoyed writing it. 🙂

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