Liebster Award

I have (hopefully) stopped comments for this post as I did not write it for others to thank me – I don’t know if it will work. Ok so I have found out what I have done is clearly not working. Please no need to hit the like button or comment – thank you.



from Cricket’s Road through Wool Projects (her baby site as she calls it) see here…well below..

Has kindly bestowed a Liebster Award upon me. I am humbled that I have been thought of enough to be nominated. Many pooh – pooh Awards, many say it’s akin to chain mail, for whatever reason an Award is given, I shall continue to ‘partially accept’ as I have in the past.

One must be thankful and show the manners they have learned in life. To acknowledge that  someone has included me in their list, means that I show my appreciation on a post for their site and for the other nominees, for my readers to go and have a peek at.  No ‘I’ in team folks. So thank you Cricket for the Award, I am grateful that you have considered me worthy.
Other nominees are:


13 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. ‘One must be thankful and show the manners they have learned in life.’
    good on you and in the spirit of your request, i’ll ask a question instead.
    what is a Liebster Award exactly? ;-}

  2. Psstt…ok…instructions *smiles*…tis ok by the way, it took me a while to figure it out.

    1) Click on the Edit button for the blog

    2) On the upper right just above the Update button, there should be a clickable thingy that says, “Visibility: Public Edit” … click on it…and then you can turn the comment capability off for that blog.

    Hope it works…hugggss…and still … congratulations on the Award *smiles*

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