I am feeling rather chuffed and humbled that another Award has been presented to me from the magnificent ‘Pirate’ see his link to the Award Page here –

Please go and visit him and read about the amazing places he has travelled to. I adore his Haiku, his poetry and marvel at his short stories. He is also political, which I do have a tendency to steer away from as you know, however,  this does not stop me following this gentleman who resides in Finland.

As I partially accept – below are his nominees and what he has kindly written about them. I thank you Pirate for bestowing this upon me and I hope that as a token of my appreciation you will accept this post.

Ese’s Voice – photography, poetry, sensuality

Steven Lidell – engaging cultural and historical stories  

Readinpleasure – beautiful thoughts in words

Perpateticeric – a writer’s traveller and dreamer’s writer

J. E. Lattimer – a dedicated novelist

JRBsays – haiku and commentary

Gunta – shoots pictures that could be painted

Ramblingsfromamum – wonderful innovative poetry

Nightlake – poetry, haibun, all quality

Livingsimplyfree– unique perspective blogged

Penny – artist of the word and mind

Foolsmusings – thoughtful, dry, bittersweet

AlisonandDon – admirable, beautiful and interesting travels

Cookie – sensual friend and artist

Gigoid – one of my favourite thinkers – of all time

La Vent de la Mer – Ah Semprevento, une femme…

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