Unanswered – Visdare


For three miles every morning Rose and Henry walked through the newly settled town to the School House.
Their mother Elizabeth dressing them best she could, the day of worship reserved for wearing their ‘best’.
As instructed by their parents, they talked to no-one, held their books of learning and each other’s hands.

Quiet in nature, their family circumstance brought no smiles to their young faces. Newcomers that arrived daily into town, some not welcoming nor friendly in appearance, jeered and passed comments, Rose and Henry stealthily walked on, ignoring their taunts.

One afternoon Rose and Henry did not return from School, the law could not explain their disappearance. Elizabeth’s grief could not be comforted, hanging herself in the parlour, she ended her life.

To this day, Rose and Henry are still seen walking the street to School.

Elizabeth watches them, cries and waits, till they found their way home to her.


150 words –  I so wanted to include more!

Thank you Angela at Anonymous Legacy for another fantastic photo to work with.

For  VisDare 15: Unanswered

16 thoughts on “Unanswered – Visdare

  1. Your motherhood is showing. I’ve written as well about afterlife where loved ones are united. I don’t have children and can’t imagine the loss of a child. I know you could have added many more words but the sense of desperation and longing is certainly felt.

    • Yes sadly it was, I started with something different – but my brain headed that direction no matter what I wanted. Thank you for reading and commenting and also may I say the follow – hope you enjoy the journey 🙂

    • Hello gorgeous, where on earth have you been? I will read your post which may explain? You have been very quiet. 😦 Yes the subject is one that strikes fear into any parent, I may continue, I have to give it a short break before attempting again. Welcome back xx

      • I’ve been a bit overwhelmed and exhausted by life as a full time working single mum and I just couldn’t get my fingers to type: I told them to, but they wouldn’t listen!! Hope to be back to posting a bit more regularly now…huggings 🙂

  2. Poor Elizabeth. Your writing is so tight, which helps to build the tension, I think. I can see why you wanted more words – I’d like to know more about all the characters you’ve drawn. This is really well done.

    • Sarah, such a compliment I thank you very much. It was so hard to rein my words in. I have been asked to continue with this by others, perhaps I shall do another piece, to show the characters, I am really grateful for your kind words. x

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