Was it a friendship?

cut through the mortar
that sets brick upon brick
fragments crumble and fall
the inside confused
self doubting me
wondering who I am
how do others see me
their word against
my resilience
my foundations
today these words were
There are 1001 things I would like to say but you would never listen to what
I have to say. It always seems to be some else’s fault… Never yours… It’s always
what other people have done … So giving you any sort of critisim is pointless…
I reel and withdraw
is she right
am I wrong
cutting as the mortar blade
her words
penetrate my heart
bring anger
to the surface
from inside my walls of skin
should I scream
“feck you!”
she who cast the
first stone
no friend says this
or do they
of what was
left wondering
is my concrete
strong enough to stand

Combined anger & sadness brought this on today.

18 thoughts on “Was it a friendship?

  1. A friend would never do something to harm or hurt you. Only if there was something they needed to tell and then they should always start with “I’m sorry to tell you” To say things that cut so deep are never good

  2. How lovely to be back and losing myself in your world again! So many familiar feelings of reading your words and really getting a sense of your energy, your love of writing!! I feel so happy to be messaging you again. I suppose I mean to say I’ve missed you, girl!!
    I hope you’ve been well these last several weeks. I know that you’ve been writing 😉

  3. You are so smart to move on unless said friend comes back on bended knees and apologizes. What the heck gets into people anyway? Your emotions were so well written though my friend.

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